Monday, October 26, 2009

story of two nights...


O' gentle Sylph of the glade,
guardian of nectarine cities.
elemental by nature, a woman's soul.
i beseech thee.

unveil to me the beauty i so desire.
the one caressing the fragrant breeze.
worlds underneath her feet,
she is all i seek.

sing me to sleep.
bring me my dreams.


born of words, darkness & shadows.
from tales intricately woven tight.

unraveling the mind's flight,
giving wings to my heart's Djinn.
unknown creature of the night,
many are thee.

listen to me.
thieve me of my sleep,
tonight i need no dreams.


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Amruta said...

O_O oooo... good stuff man. amazing pictures!

saima said...

interesting !!!