Wednesday, December 02, 2009

the Great November gig...

Wow!! November flew away. and that too pretty fast...

tread carefully have we, upon the path unknown.

for who knew what awaited the turn
something good, was all we hoped
but unknown it was to us once.

..."wish you were here, my soulful November"


ps: images from the month await you all at the photoblog. so please go check them out!


Rush said...

and december will b gone in a jiff...and New Years will b here...i hope the last month gets a new season full of colours and surprises, ur every turn gets exciting than the one before and hoping to share the moments with u here on blogdom.

Nachi said...

@ Rush: yes, it shall rush by and be gone before we realize. but i am actually looking forward to the end of the year. call it the plans of man. ;)

Oh there have been many moments, in the past month even, that i have wanted to share on the blog. but somehow i could not bring myself about to writing. i just could not. hopefully i am out of that rut.

anyways, so how have you been dear friend? :)

rhythm fadia said...

just love ur four catch the mood of the moment in ur words...jus too good