Tuesday, January 05, 2010

the great sun jester...

photo taken by Gayatri Thangjam. location: Shimla 01/01/10

"sunsets always bring about a change. they are like the heralds of time, summoning the old day back into the recesses of the grand old design from which it emerged in the first place. what is here, must be replaced with something else that shall be here. the night must engulf us and a new day must dawn.

this is the 'one' rule."

...its all a big joke! this daily melee of our days.



Kavi said...

Its a matter of choice as well. To see the joke. Or to go about the hustle-bustle with a seeming sense of importance !


Arv said...

Its what you make it bro :)

Nachi said...

@ Kavi: yes, we always have a choice, but somehow we tend to forget that fact and the hustle-bustle begins to define us simply because we seem to prefer it that way.

...and what is important anyways? us or our sense?

@ Arv: indeed bro. and so i say...

"the day is OK & the sun can be fun, but i live to see those rays slip away"


gayatri thangjam said...

love it!