Sunday, August 01, 2010


for all those people who have indeed wondered where i had disappeared to over the past couple of months, the only answer i have for you is that i was off on the quest for truth. truth that i felt could no longer wait. after all these years of hearing fragments of the tales, of the mystery and the adventure, i simply had to know. find out. and so i did.

my search for the truth took me across the length of the nation; from the peaks of the majestic Himalayas to the ravines along the bank of the Vishwamitri. and the truth i finally found. and now i feel obligated to share it with the rest of the world, and with you my loyal readers and dearest of friends. and so for the first time ever i am presenting to you, and the world, the never-before-seen images of the mysterious creature straight from your favorite monster tale book. the abominable snowman, the bigfoot, the it what you may. it exists!! and i have the complete cataloged scientific data.


Genus: Amrutacuss Bigfootinhermouth Creatureus

Gender: Female (males might exist. but so far have remained elusive).

Habitat: diverse. but found mostly in hilly/mountainous terrain with plenty of rocky surfaces that aid in obtaining foothold and facilitate swift movement.

Food Habits: Omnivorous Hunter and Forager. Has preference for goat meat.

Social Structure: being the solitary member of her specie to be discovered, the social hierarchy of the species is somewhat difficult to ordain. but a presence of such possibilities is clearly visible in its efforts to communicate through grunts and the occasional facial expression; indicating a somewhat developed brain. the creature can get aggressive when jested with, and can be extremely dangerous bearing in mind its size and strength. much for this adventure. the research shall continue. but until next time, always remember you true-hearted believers...ADVENTURE BECKONS!!!


shoxy! said...

she will kill u!

Ghost Particle said...

rip nutty. youre dead.

Stupidosaur said...

Haha, don't be so nutty! You will turn into a ground nut when she grinds you!

Arv said...

Echoes GP...

RIP Nutty :)