Sunday, October 03, 2010

the 'long time' post...

its been a long time since i have been able to blog. i don't know what is it that inspires me tonight. maybe it is the bottle of vodka that i have so happily sipped since evening. maybe its the nostalgia of writing. whatever it is, here i am. writing.

i was always persistent. with elongated periods of laziness in between...

"work. studies. love. family. cat. feeding the cat. cleaning up after the cat. friends" takes no specific order. it chugs along.


i cut my hair.

i write ads.

i am going running in order to loose a few pounds before my cousin's wedding.


i miss my old 'Nachi' self.

i feel like i am changing.

i am resisting change.

i am failing to do so.


i am thirsty!


WarmSunshine said...

hey nachi.... guess who's back :P

Nachi said...

@ Meher: OMG!! seriously?? i missed ya girl!!! how have you been?? you totally dropped off the face of the planet's been so long, it feels like an eon.

how's the super bro??? my regards to him...


Kavi said...

Welcome back !! Enjoy the time that you are here !!


Kishley said...

resisting the change? :) Futile effort! go with the flow.. will be easier on you :D

brajmohan said...

Life keeps changing itself and you... enjoy.


rhythm fadia said...

happy to know you are seriously trying to lose some weight!!!!!