Monday, August 06, 2012

old treasures...

so i realise that the blogs of old are being abandoned and forgotten nowadays. or at least that is what it seems. can't blame others when i myself am hardly being attentive to this space.

the dust has accumulated. the fine particles settling on the words that have been remained untouched for so long. the cobwebs cling to the recesses, the residents of which scatter away rapidly from the random probing flashlight that appears. occasionally something new gets passed on to this place. a shiny box that stands out like a crow amidst owls. but eventually the glimmer fades, and the it becomes one with the others. here rests the old. the untouched. the unmoved. 

but this is where lay hidden wondrous treasures. 

question is, who seeks them? 


Sivanesan Subramaniam said...

lets do this. a 100 post challenge, to see if we can revive our blogs :P

Nachi said...

Ghosty: now you are talking. but what are the rules? 100 posts in 100 days!! what game, chicken! :)