Monday, January 17, 2005

back to school!! the feeling's never the same...

the first day back in the univesity after the december break....and man it was so special !!
let's just say that after a month of getting bored at home, it was time to get up early in the morning, shower and get ready and catch two buses on the 2 hour journey to the university...all just to attend a half n hour lecture on nothing (i would have never understood even if it was something since creole is still latin to me)...the only high point of my day was meeting most of my Mauritian pals, who would only talk about last weeks football match between Chelsea and Man captivating...that's the kind of talk we economic geniuses indulge in !! (don't miss the scarcasm)..
well i tried meeting a few lecturers, but all i could get out of them was the usual "see me during the office hours for the relevant details." and when asked about the office hours...the same old reply, "it will be posted on the door, soon." ...UoM red-tapism...and who was the person who complained about the indian bureaucacy??
but every dark cloud has a silver lining...and the silver lining to my cloud was the cool airconditioning in the computer labs which provided much needed escape from the summer the way did i ever mention that i could not go home before 4'o clock cause i have managed to loose my house keys (it happened almost 17 days back and is a different story altogether) and i still don't have a replacement, and now i must wait untill dad or noella gets home and opens the door or untill dad decides that i am responsible enough to get a second pair of keys... :)
well, there's this great south indian movie on TV and i don't wanna miss i better get going...the remainder of my day wasn't too great either and i still don't feel as if my semesters have begun and that i really want to make the effort of hauling my arse out of bed everyday morning and make the journey to the university...well, i guess the feeling will sink in within a few days...till then i guess it's happy hour for me....
cheers... ;)

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