Wednesday, January 19, 2005

summertime blues...part 1

ahh!! the nostalgia of summer break sure leaves one with mixed emotions...the simple and lazy life with a dash of boredom..i sure wished for my share of those good ol' days...but then i managed to have quite a hectic time as i discovered to my joy and dismay both. joy because i got to spend a hell lot of time with my friends, and dismay because most of those friends have by now gone back to their respective countries and some are leaving even as i speak of them...

"how i wish that none of us had to ever leave and that the great times that
we've been having had continued"
(wishful thinking..i know..but then we are all entitled to some)
hanging out at Flic n Flac will never be the same again without the crazy germans. rasty's songs and mitty's serious fun, anne's hot ass and ena's ramblings, silvia's clubbin spirit and harry's...(hmm, harry's idea of fun, lets stick to that, shall we)..and my weed-smoking bro dan, you all are most sorely missed. apart from all the goodbyes that we friends have had to say, we still managed to have some really decent times together...especially those cool roof parties and BBQ's...then someone came up with the idea to invade the nightclubs on this island and so it began, the great german invasion along with their indian, bangladeshi and american allies...i guess we managed to hit all the nightclubs on this island.
and now, woe befallen, the only one's left are harry, bettina, hubsi, timo, heather, fiz, joel, stephanie and myself on the island...(though latest statistics would indicate that harry and bettina are on the missing list as well)...hubsi and timo are leaving as soon as the end of this month and fiz has already bought his ticket to bangladesh for the 25th of this month...fuck!! life is sure gonna change a lot...

well christmas this year, like all the other years, was a family affair since it's noella's birthday, and for that one day i am at her service 24 had planned to have a little party for noella's friends and a few indian doctors where he palyed the supreme cook and god of all(no better opportunity exists to invite people over for dinner and enhance one's social circle than a birthday party)...and guess what?? i actually realised that i was the unknown one at my own party...surprised? yes, that was the general reaction of most of the people who showed up...they all were of the opinion that my dad had only one child, my sister. this error was attributed to the fact that i have been quite noticably absent from the local indian social circle due to the long hours that i manage to spend away from home beacause of the university and my incessent partying campaigns with my international friends. (though i still maintain that most of them said this simply to piss me off and laugh at my explainations as i tried to explain that i too was part of the das family...noella, for one, had a great time at my apparent dismay). anyway, i still manage to have a good time untill dad decides that it is time for me to taste the fruit custard that he had made...and to this noble cause he shoves a serving spoon full of custard into my mouth. now usually i have no qualms about my dessert, but (wannabe cooks take note) when pineapples are added to custard 4 hours prior to serving, they tend to make the whole dish a bitter experience, and that's exactly what happened. and that was the end of the story. no custard. no desert. but still a very good party and good food. overall, 9 out of 10. now only last thing remained..the cleaning up...that being voted untill the next day, it was time for bed.
the rest of the summer was equally eventful, but for that you shall have to wait untill my next post... today's tale ends here...the folks are asleep. so don't make any noise as you log out.


Anonymous said...

nice work bro........keep it up.try to keep da blog up to date so dat i could maintain contact with u people when i wont be here in da way.eta ami..

Anonymous said...

hi shubu.....felt good to know what u do out there......i hope u doing things other than partyin too (coz u didnt mention much abt studies u do)...what else i m busy out my final yr univ. exams in may do u stay in hostel kya.....or u travel daily for 2 hrs......what else do mail......bye luv rhythmdidi