Monday, January 17, 2005

here goes nothing!!

hmm...i never quite figured out how some people manage to write emails regularly with such devotional fervor.although i have always have been the sort of person who loves making friends, i am also extremly lazy when it comes to sitting my arse down and writing mails to all the people i know and meet(having to write letters would kill me)...this bad habit of mine extends to my family in particular who are always so intrested (as they should be) in knowing everything about

"what i do with my life"

(the exact words of one of my cousins)...most people i've met and have not been in touch with think that i am a category A arsehole...for more profane references to my CV i am indebted to my dear friend Tejas(though his record is definately worse than mine)...
well, i have finally decided that it is about time that i changed this image...hence this is my effort towards satisfying those curious souls who are so very captivated by my doings..this is how i spend my time on this planet..times for which i am eternally grateful and times that i'd like to forget as soon as possible...this is a little thing i call my life!
so go ahead and read it...

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