Friday, February 11, 2005

fading memories...

i’ve followed you and this is as far as i can go,
all this time wanting you near…oh!
but the times are changing & the world ain’t so round.
once we leave there’s no way out…no way out.

& so you are standing there, wanting more from me
looking as if you still love me,
but girl, i can only try…oh!

all my life i’ve wanted your love,
wanting it even more tonight.
but girl u never even say a word.
you know, speaking my heart aloud isn’t easy for me
& lost in your own beautiful world you never see,
through my eyes, every time our eyes meet,
i try to tell you…but you just won’t see.
oh!! but i try…

& tonight is but a fragment in time,
as we dance this one last dance.
led by the rhythms of silence,
it’s just me and you.
& your love is all i need to live again tonight
cause come morning our roads depart,
fate leading us apart…
as we both become fading memories.
beautiful…unforgotten…fading memories.


Gordon van den Heever said...


What the is wrong with you???? Please explain! The vocab is not for me, but your feminine side is just so beautiful. Yeh right. Let me guest: "You lost somebody you never knew or something to that affect!" You need to re-think your stragety.

'till later

Oh_Ca-na-da said...

I think Gordon is just jealous because he didn't write any nice poetry...