Tuesday, February 01, 2005

new day, old emotions...

sometimes there's so much that needs to be said...but then, words are sometimes not appropriate...some things are just meant to be felt and experienced, and no matter how hard we try we can never explain such things to others. such times belong only to us. today was one such day.
i cannot explain why or how...but seeing hubsi and timo leave was not that hard...but as the day progressed it just kept on getting worse...worse not because of what happened today morning, but worse because of what happened almost 2 years back on a similar day and what has been happening on such a frequent basis in my life.
good memories are a man's utopia...but then sometimes they can be quite painful...and it's not because of the people involved or the incident itself...it's because of time.
time in its flight changes so many things, and those changes make some things harder to live with.
we are all so susceptible to such changes, and no matter how much we may deny they do affect us. anyways, like i said, i cannot explain how or what i felt today. all i can say is that it was quite an experience in terms of dealing with one's past and one's future and all the emotions that arise from them.
...there comes a point where you fall to your knees and beg for
it to stop. you just cannot take it anymore. you would rather die than go through such things anymore. but then it passes, and you are just so glad for everything, you cannot thank god enough...
you just have to take it on as the other side of life and live with it. as simple as that.
well now that my moment of weakness has passed i am all ready to get back to my life...there are things to be done...studies and friends await and gordon's ass needs to be kicked. (last time round the big bully almost broke my back and ribs...but i swear that i'll get back. after all he's only approximately 6 feet tall and 105 kilos). also, just met these new folks last saturday...3 south african girls...jakie, daffny and mawa. also heather's new roommate claudia (she's german) came along...too bad that kenzi was closed for the night, but we did have a great time at buddha bar. man we were all so drunk (hubsi, heather and myself), we just took off to the beach and sat there remembering all the great times we have had there. ..and i took on hubsi and gordon in a wrestling match on the beach...that's how drunk we all were. after that night i'm sure that the new girls think that we are all crazy. gordon's idea of having a BBQ on sunday evening was also a nice touch to the boys' last day in the island and we all sure appreciated him going out his way and doing so much for all of us. "jesus christ bru", he might be a bully, but a nice chap i must admit.
well apart form such an eventful weekend at QB, tomorrow is beach day at flic n flac (thanks to another mauritian public holiday, the second in two weeks)...how i wish that i could be there. but then i better stay at home and catch up on my studies that i have missed and also spend some time with dad...but i promise that i shall be back to partying on the weekends, and then i shall have so much more to tell you all...all the crazy things that happen or just the simple but nice times that we friends love to spend with each other.
until next time everyone out there, take care and have fun...
ps: don't forget to leave comments on the blog. i hate people who read my blog and then don't comment... ;)


Mitty said...

Your first sentences remind me of my last morning on Mauritius. There was so much to say, so many goodbyes, but at the end nobody said a word and it was good (at least for me, because saying goodbye never was sth I was good in...). All what was to be said on this morning we said with our hearts. No word would have matched...

Hi Nachi, you're becoming quite philosophic on your blog. I like it. And thanks for your text message today. Have a nice time down there!

Blitzkosmos said...


somethimes it would be better if the memories wouldn´t exist, so they couldn´t hurt you anymore.

This is the destiny of the humankind, after enjoying a great time the deep fall.

I like your blogg. Now you have won a new loyal adherer.

Greetings to Heather

Anonymous said...

fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... u know who i m...

Timo said...

hey nachi,

i really like you blog and the way you're writing. You should've become a writer :-).