Saturday, September 10, 2005

everybody bow to the new Prezident...

well so i guess that its least in a sense...i am going to be the new President of the Economic Society in the University of Mauritius. hah, everybody take a bow.i know, i know, you all think that it is the end of the world and that the people out here must be crazy to want me as their new President. but alas, i am the only one capable enough to handle this task... :D
any ways don't have any misconceptions regarding the Economic Society. understood that till now it has been a very low key and inefficient organization. but things are going to change. i want to maximize my last opportunity at leaving my mark at the Uni. let's just say that i have 'plans' and i am going to make these lazy folks to slog to my ideas (dear University friends, do not take offence to this comment, this 'lazy' title applies only to some folks who don't want to do any thing and only complain about the Society). so guys if you have any ideas that you think will be a good plan of action for the To-Be-Mauritian Economists, then let me know. as for a little insight into what i plan to do, i can only say that i want to get these folks to speak in English...speak to the public in English. this university desperately needs good public speaking and debating opportunities (for heaven's sake we had better exposure to all this at the high school level in India). and i guess it's time we made being aware of the latest developments in the world a necessity for all students. so beware all members of the Economic Society, i am going to put you all on a podium and unleash your verbal skills. and yeah, of course we shall be chilling out a bit and partying. but i am leaving a lot to the popular demand of the members. after all we believe in a free market with equal and fair representation where all transactions occur on the basis of demand and supply with minimum government interference to maintain stability and keep the negative market externalities in check. ;D
so Fiz dada is in London now. good for him..bad for London. all i want to say to you Fizzy is that i really miss the times we had on this island and good luck for the coming 3 years (i still don't know how on earth did they give you a 3 year Visa)'s gonna be hard, but it's gonna be fun. so go get some Brit Chicks...allez Fizzy...boonga boonga time in london. maybe you can catch up with Timo and then,
"Timo will give you a boonga boonga". :D

the latest one to get off this island is Gordon. in an already long list, this is surely a name that will be missed sorely. Bru, thanks for all the good times (and the bad)...Buddha Beach, Kenzi and Keg & Marlin will miss you a lot...but i guess that every time i drink the water at home i will remember you and thank my lucky stars that you did not mess up the water up North. by the way, you did a good job. but i don't trust the one's who are going to run it from now onwards. so see you later this weekend and of course on Wednesday.
have no doubts, i am going to miss you bru.
Tanzania's waiting...allez Springboks!!!

well folks i have nothing much to say. the past few days haven't been too special and worth mentioning. though i must say that it was cool to chat with you Timo the other day. thanks for passing me Fiz's UK number. have fun in Italy.
oh yeah, i almost forgot. i have also entered my name for the Table Tennis tournament at the Uni. time to kick some ass!! wish me luck...i guess that i have a pretty fair chance. after all, i ain't that bad.
all right then...take care folks and keep commenting.

ps: what's up with you Heathcoat? no news from you since such a long time...agreed i haven't mailed you, but then also what are these blogs for? so get up and smell the coffee. time to blog my kitten.


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fiz said...

hey buddy whts goin on with uor someone left a comment with a porn site link....its like a bombing from these fucking something man..well so they made u da president ha..? crazy university n its crazy pupil...........but i do think its a fair enough selection caz i know those people.u r THE capable person to handle of luck for da job ..missing u a lot.take care bye..beg uor pardon for nt addressing u SIR....sir

Nachi said...

ha ha...i got porno spam...beat that. :D
guess its time for me to put up that word verification thing.

Oh_Ca-na-da said...

Congrats Nach, on your recent rise to power in the great world of the University of Mauritius...
I'm expecting great things from you!
miss ya,