Wednesday, September 14, 2005

sunday night damnation...

this time around it was a different BBQ. not in the sense that we actually did anything out of the ordinary, i.e. is if you count chugging from a 1 liter beer mug a normal thing to do. but more of it this weekend Gordon decided to have a BBQ at his place. was supposed to be the last BBQ with Gordon as our braai master. its time for him to go and he still hasn't packed his bags... :D
anyways, let me give you folks a quick flashback on the plans for this past weekend. friday and saturday was supposed to be Buddha Beach time and then sunday was the BBQ. can't tell you all much about friday and saturday since i wasn't there having been stuck at home doing this last minute assignment (the lecturer bombed us with this on friday and we had to submit it on tuesday, i.e. today). had to attend lecturers all friday and then work till 4:00 am on saturday to complete my assignment. so i decided to catch up with the party troop on sunday.
the sunday morning call to NodroG enlightened me on the wild saturday night that i had missed. seems like after Anne got back from SA (now SA has replaced Mauritius as Anne's favorite spot on earth), she and Gordon hit Buddha Beach with the new Germans in town. guess that they had a lot of alcohol (sambuka's and beer to be more specific) and a crazy blond tourist doing the semi-strip on the table in the new Buddha Beach nightclub (*note*all interested parties: Gordon has the pics). in short i found them all to be a bit sick the next day when i arrived and swearing on God never to drink Sambuka again.
later that noon we (i.e. Gordon and I) went down to the beach and caught up with Wolfgang and Lars (two of the German boys). Anne was busy moving her stuff from Gordon's house to Uma's and so she kept on popping by every now and then, but mostly it was just us 4 dudes chilling out on the beach. the German boys had this new volleyball and so we decided to battle it out in 'Top Gun' style beach volleyball (Wolfgang & Lars with their shorts and ray bans playing the duo of maverick and ghost and Gordon & I in our asskicking gear simply being us). turned out that the Germans lived up to our expectations of being the Wankers United duo as we kicked the shit out of them in two sets...finally around 5:30 we turned our winning asses towards home, and lo! Anne managed to catch us on the way and somehow figured out a way of making us walk back all the way to the beach to watch the sunset. anyways, it was worth it. so what if i had to hobble all my way walking on the broken corals barefoot.
so as it happened, Phillip got himself a new long board and a kite as a present from some friend. so of course he had to come and show it to Gordon. Gordon in his true professional kite boarder style gave the new gear the thumbs up and Phillip is now ready to conquer the waves and the wind.
soon we got the BBQ started and as it turned out we ended up with a shit load of meat and beer. but amazingly all the beer simply disappeared by the end of the night. it was pretty cool, the BBQ, with Anne and her snorts, Lars with his giant beer mug, Dinesh and Shameema, Phillip and Analize, Uma (whom i saw for the first time since she returned from India and who was sick in typical Amu style), Kevin, Kestern (or Casey as i know her), Richard (the new Brit at MGI) and the usual Gordon and I. so what if Gordon managed to burn most of the meat and quite a bit of the bread, it still rocked.
Thanks are the best no doubt...

well the next day was monday and so the usual working day for Gordon and Uni time for me. so there's nothing interesting that i can think of.
seems like i shall have to stop here for now. time to go and try and grab some shut eye. have an early morning class tomorrow.
till next time then. take care and remember the good times on the island. miss you all...

hope you are having fun in England. too bad you ain't here and that we can't party like last time for your birthday. ;D

also...weird title huh? well i had to save this post in between so that i could catch the tuesday night English movie on MBC (you guys know). this time they showed 'Angela's Ashes'...hope that they do better next week. anyways, so i had to save this post and this is the first thing that popped into my mind as i clicked on 'save as'...and so it remains...Sunday Night Damnation.


Gordon van den Heever said...

Hey Indian Ghunda!

Fuck bru, that weekend was awesome. Be quiet about the dacer on the table, please. But she was spectacular at least. By the way, it's not Maverick and Ghost. Lars' is white like a ghost anyway. Maverick and Goose....but who cares anyway. Wankers United suck big time. Thanx for Sunday, it was great anyway. I will surely miss you big time. Have fun and by the way, that english movie sucked on MBC1. Ach, who cares. We all know it's mauritian.


Nachi said...

yeah right,'Goose'...well anyways we beat em' and that's all that matters.


its nice to know that my word verification thing is up and working...but it sucks having to type extra.

Oh_Ca-na-da said...

Happy birthday to Nafiz from me too!

Oh yeah, and hi to you too Nachi...

fiz said... seems u r enjoying a lot over there.dats great.thanx for remembering me on my was nice to get msg fm u .cheers

PS- thanx to u also miss howz u hav any contact number.if yes please let me know.