Friday, September 16, 2005

wednesday saga...

yesterday was a real funny day of sorts. it all started with my 9:00 am class being postponed to 10:30 am. so far good for me cause that meant that i could enjoy the precious early morning sleep for a bit longer. but things started to go haywire from then on...i managed to over sleep and hence barely made it to the bus stop in time for the 9 o' clock express. from there it was the usual walk through Port Louis as i made my way to the Victoria Bus Terminal. after missing one bus by just a few seconds, i had no other alternative but to take the 141- Bord Cascade via Reduit bus. hmm, no problem, not yet.

well anyways, so the bus starts and moves out of the terminal. we take the motorway and from the waterfront roundabout we take the left towards Bell Village.
korak sa!
but then God knows what possessed the bus driver from this point on cause he simply refused to turn right towards Bell Village and instead took the left back towards the bus terminal. so everybody thinks that maybe there is some kind of problem with the bus and that's why he is going back to Victoria. but to everyone's surprise the guy simply drives through Victoria terminal and takes the same route back to the motorway and towards Bell Village. so everyone's like, hmm???...but then ONCE AGAIN he turns left towards Victoria and heads back to the bus stop!! this time everyone was like 'what the fuck'. he simply races through Port Louis traffic and makes it back to the bus stop. now, everyone was like "stop the bus and let us off...what are you guys up to?" so the bus driver stops at Victoria and we all jump off the bus (yeah, literally jump off) and there's this one guy going 'Pilon' and 'Gogot' and getting all mad at the bus conductor and driver. this was too much for me and i could not control myself any more and burst out laughing. i wasn't the only one, there were these two other guys as well who couldn't stop laughing. well finally the entire matter got sorted out, don't as what had happened, cause the entire episode occurred in creol and i could understand only the 'pilon' and 'gogot' part. anyways, the NTC guys got this other bus out and drove straight to Reduit. so that was good.

well so i finally make it to the uni like 4 minutes before the class thanks to the express transport. and guess what? well, the class got cancelled in typical University of Mauritius style and that meant that since morning i had done nothing but waste my time and effort in whatever i had done so far. to add to my misery the only internet functional computer lab in the uni had classes and the cafe was jam packed with people because of the elections. hence there was nothing that i could do. couldn't even go home since i had another class at 12:00 and since i was supposed to meet Wolfgang at 2:00 and catch up on some Table Tennis. so i finally convince Rishi to some with me and we grabbed some dholl puris and mine frit and a bottle of phoenix and spent a good 1 hour in the usual party spot. after that it was back to attending lectures and then TT at 2:00.

Wolfy managed to beat me by just one set this time and hence i owe him a beer at Buddha Beach this weekend. this is going to be Gordon's last weekend and we are having the going away BBQ tomorrow. so i gotta get my butt down to Flic n Flac. this time i am the braai God.

well folks, guess that pretty much sums up my day. oh yeah, also the cat managed to get out of the house again yesterday night and that caused all sorts of mayhem in the Das household. finally we found him down in the parking and so i had to go down and yell at him and make him run back up the stairs into the house and under the bed. silly cat. but we all love him.

keep blogging and keep in touch.


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Anne said...

You were the "Goddam Father of Braai" this weekend, Nachi. Awesome, how you treated the Tandoori Chicken AND my bred!