Monday, May 15, 2006

in the middle of an ocean & wishing i knew how to swim...

i'm running out of similes and metaphors to describe my life right now and this is the best i can come up with at the moment. folks, read on...

so if ever you have wondered how it feels to be in the middle of the ocean in a boat, surrounded by miles of nothing but water, enjoying the peace and the tranquillity that only the sea can arouse. when suddenly you see a huge, a f**king massive iceberg materialise straight in front of your ship and at the same very moment the klaxons go off warning you that some goddamned Sub has decided to do a bit of target practice on you, and now a torpedo is heading straight up your ship's ass...and the best part in it all...YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO SWIM!!

so how does it feel to be in such a situation?

let me tell does not feel good, and its light years away from worse. even terrible is an understatement and the only thing that can make the situation completely hopeless and beyond salvage would be to have a Great White 'sinister-looking' Shark (yeah, the one from Jaws is a prety good fit in this case) come swim around near your sinking ship.

well thankfully my life at this moment does not resemble such a situation. that is despite the fact that i just managed to fuck up my computer once again and this time i lost all data on my hard disk...yep, an entire year of memories on this island with you folks, all the pictures, all my music, all my data...all gone. just like that. thankfully i had made back up copies of my dissertation on cd and that's what made the difference between being on 'that' ship and being where i am right now.

anyways, so i haven't touched alcohol in over 2 months. i lost all digital copies of my memories on this island. i have a new 24x7 internet connection. i have finally submitted in the final copies of my thesis to my supervisor and now i have exams starting from Tuesday and its raining crazy on this island at this very moment.

everything said and done, i guess that i'm doing pretty well. though technically, i am in the middle of the Indian Ocean and i do wish that i knew how to swim.



Chuck said...

good writing love it. I like the point

Gordon van den Heever said...

who the fuck is chuck? nachi has an admirer.....

Nachi, swim you bastard or drown.....1 down, 1.5 billion to go!

Ah, Mauritius aren't that bad.....the closes land is 45minutes of flight and then you will be again on an island....your destiny my tandoori 'can't swim' friend.

Asta la vista BABY!

You are starting to write like an incredible female. I do not like it. Should come back and show you the ropes!

Nachi said...


even after a near death experience you won't drop that "i'm the tough guy" rehtoric huh?? very well...we all know what a softie you are on the inside of that head butting, beer chugging, off-roading & plumbing head of your's.

and you are most welcome to come back to this island dear petite bebe!!

~lekker :D

ps:getting rid of me won't help you save the planet from the inevitable Indian conquest(the Chinese have the same strategy of conquer by numbers)...and if i learn to swim, then what are life guards for??

Gordon van den Heever said...

Ah Nachi,

You dog....Hey, got to vouch for the whole dholl thing. I kind of picked up on that shit....specially with jipati's and the chilli thing.....Anyway, not enough reason for all the chinese or indians. Man, it's so fucking awesome to be a South African and by that I could kick some real bitchy ass. Got it?


Anyway, lifeguards are only there for basicall watch the f'n hot babes doing the babewatch run over soft silk sand with their 2 huge life saving oxygen tanks mounted on their chests....Catch my drift? Bikini Gallore blondies doing that throwing back their hair type thing and smile....and then they have a good couple of teeth missing as well.

Nachi said...

they should ban Baywatch. its a bad influence on men who would have otherwise learnt how to swim.

& DID YOU ALL READ WHAT I JUST READ?? Gordon says he likes dholl puris...ha ha...bru, next time we meet we have make it a phoenix and dholl puri event.

as far as South Africa is concerned, my knowledge of that place is restricted to Gandhi "not" being shot, Mandela and most importantly, Charlize Theron(take you pick guys).


Susanne said...

How about you would wait for a dolphin? I am sure it will save you...
So don't waste your energy with too much fears - in the right moment the right things will happen :-)

Anne said...

I like dholl puri as well... NNNNAAAAACCCCHHHHIIIII, sorry for disappearing from the bloggers, but wasn't in the mood to tell something... bitchy phase...
BUT, hey I was about to come to Mauritius in June, when I realized 99 EUR flights are not the same anymore. still cheap but taxes of 120 EUR.. hello? swimming is cheaper than that. And the pilots do not accapt "nautural payment" as all the knowbs and buttons are ruined after that in the cockpit every time. Oh living in that service-dessert makes me sick! News asap! Am back!
Miss you, hugs Anne