Saturday, May 20, 2006

to the 'big fella' on the 'big day'...

well bru, finally it's that time of the year...yes, finally you get your very own "just for you" post on my blog. don't know if i'm happy or simply relieved that finally you've managed to find time from your wild monkey business to grow up (you know what i mean by "growing up" you African plumber, you boozed-up head butting maniac of a driver/biker, you Mauritian and vegetable hating big fella you). :P

well the past year has been a great achievement in all regards for you my bru and you have indeed come a long way in your quest, but for now i just want to let ya know that i wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! my South African bru aka Gordon van dan Heever aka petite bebe aka Nodrog.

have a blast in Tanzania. too bad that we can't go and try and find the White Castle down in Port Louis for your birthday feast and neither can we raise a toast to you out of a 5 litre Vital bottle filled with Phoenix...nor can we set up the awesome blaze with a ton of meat on top like we did in the past (on second thoughts maybe having a party and having to endure your DJ'ing would indeed be unbearable).

but the one thing that we can do is take time out from our fucked up lives and take a look back at all the fabulous times that we've had and also send a small prayer to the 'real' big fella up above and wish for an amazing year to come.

also as a parting present, here's something to boost your ego and make you feel special on your birthday. but don't let it get to your head. just remember that i can kick the shit out of you on any other day...remember that.

may the Indian force be with you my dear friend.



Gordon van den Heever said...

Hey Bru,

Thanx bru.....Man, it's so awesome to see that picture and I spent today on a very fucking small island just to re-live a moment of the past, only if it was only for a good couple of hours.

Hey man, getting older isn't that fun anymore as it use to is getting fucking scary actually, but it is a great comfort knowing good people like you exist.

Thanx again....

Nachi said...

well Gordon, anything nearing its expiry date is scary. but don't worry, some things just get better with time. and you, my dear friend, fall in the latter category.

and what so you mean by people like me exist?? damn you, we rule the world.



ps: the word verifiction is eavzsbad (also translated as: eav's bad"). how bibilically true!! ;) lol