Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Et Tu, Brute???

...when heroes fall, they seldom do so in a peaceful manner. time is the mute witness to the ignominy of a heroes death...

"et tu Brute?"

in Shakespearean anthology, the famous last words of Gaius Julius Caesar...if i were to believe in Suetonius the Greek then it would be "καί σύ τέκνον" ("You too, my child?")...or maybe Plutarch got it right when he mentions that Caesar spoke nothing; 'he merely raised his toga over his head when he saw Brutus amongst the conspirators'.

maybe Caesar said it, maybe he did not. but whatever be the case, he managed to fulfill the dictum of a heroes death. stabbed in the Senate of Rome, the capital of the empire he wished to revive to it's golden days, and struck by a knife grasped in the hands of the person he loved the most.

in Brutus's defense, he was not alone. the 'Liberatores' gave Caesar the dictator his 23 wounds in the name of freedom. but it was Brutus that killed the man that was Gaius Julius Caesar. only he could have done so... but my question as of this moment is a simple one:
"what would have been Caesar's reaction to Brutus stabbing him? what must he have felt when the knife was still in his body?"
Anger? Betrayal? Fear? Pity? Sorrow? or maybe Disappointment???


left to my imagination, the emotional undertone of Caesar's last words must have been that of disappointment. disappointment, that the one person he trusted the most and loved the most was the one unable to understand him. disappointment, that the trust he had put in that person had been belied by the very actions of that person, who hereby proved himself to be unworthy of that trust. disappointment, that the dreams he had dreamed and shared with that person would now never be fulfilled. disappointment, that the other person failed in loving him unconditionally in the same manner as he had loved him...disappointment to the very core of his soul. that's what Caesar must have felt...

in any case, Caesar died a man betrayed by his friend and not a tyrant assassinated by a bunch of liberators. so i guess that i shall believe in Plutarch and accept the silence of Caesar and his unwillingness to even look at Brutus. Brutus had failed him. there was nothing left to be said...

"silence sometimes rings louder than the loudest of bells."


Gordon van den Heever said...


Betrayal is extremely sad, but it is even worse when it comes from a love one.

What ever the reason is for the betrayal, it will catch up with you and eventually hunt you down. Why do we betray the people around us.....?

I guess it will only be for personal gain and the sad part is that it only last for a while. Tquestion at the end will then be was it really worth the risk and the answer to that will be:

No matter what the circumstances, it will never be....!

You will always get this type of thing...For wishful thinking I hope I will never be on the receivng end.

Good one bru

Ghost Particle said...

in the gets down to a friendship betrayed. How history teaches us something that we keep on repeating...sigh...

Nachi and Knut! :p

Thanx for your words bro...always and forever.

susanne said...

...thoughtful words and I understand very well what you mean.
Being betrayed - and the world is never more the same for you!