Friday, April 27, 2007

psychiatric diagnosis...

it's the classic five.
sometimes people tend to skip or overlap some symptoms. there are many factors that control the velocity and direction of transition and manifestation between the 5.

first symptom - 2 days
second symptom - over 3 weeks
third symptom - 3 to 4 days
fourth symptom - 1 month (and maybe still persisting)
fifth symptom - just manifested a week ago

anyways, make me a bad cup of coffee and i can do all five in one minute flat!!

but the point that concerns me the most is of this one symptom that has been consistent through out and still managed to elude being included in the diagnosis. all i can do is sit back and ask

Am I Self Destructing??

(the current track playing on the playlist goes something like this)

...don't tell me to not to get high. cause i'm as low as i can get without kissing your ass!! i'm an addict and i just can't let it go...and anyways, whatever happened to sex, drugs and rock n roll??
~Gun's and Roses


ah well, people might sing Happy Birthday and wish me well, but i know that its going to be tough going. it has been hard so far and its only going to get worse. and i am scared.


Me said...

Nachi - I send you support & courage for the trials you are going through. I wish I had words of wisdom instead.
*hugs* & Love

Ghost Particle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO! or is it not?

Like you said, its a little thing called life, the bigger things are out there...

susanne said...

Hi Nachi,
I've seen on myspace that's your birthday today:

So I wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

These psychiatric diagnosises - believe me: We all are confident with them...
...and don't be scared - life is an up and down, you know this very well too.
The next "up" must be around the corner.


Rasty said...


i know i am late but happy birthday nachi. Well remembering dates isn´t one of my strength.

What the hell are you complaining?
You got feet to run, arms and hands. You got air to breathe and water to drink. Do you need something else?
Forget about stupid questions like sence of life... That just takes to much time and leads to nothing.

Have a great time buddy.