Sunday, June 24, 2007

हर रोज़ लीखी गयी दास्तान् हमारे ज़ीन्दगी की ।

"one day may seem so insignificant and mundane...yet many days put together tells the story of my life."


Ghost Particle said...

wah! excellently said!

susanne said...

Hey, you are incredibly busy with blogging in the last weeks!

I like very much your monsoon story - and the photos are great and so beautiful though you look older as I've imagined you.


I love too remembering happy moments of my childhood: Usually they are connected too with being in nature and feeling all these simple things like smelling a blooming flower, watching the spiders with their long legs, hearing the terrible noise of the trains besides our house or playing in the rain as you say...

And the insignificance of a day is a lie.
Every moment we are aware with all senses is significant.