Sunday, June 17, 2007

to the big T...


am back from my backpacking and traveling around the South-Eastern part of the Indian sub-continent. in fact, i just got in an hour ago after a 2 and half day train journey from Howrah to Ahmedabad...
whew!! man i am so sloshed.
...anyways, like i promised before i left. i have so much to blog. i have been managing a sort of travel diary in which i have penned down the many things that i have observed and contemplated on during my travels. its quite a decent bit and its gonna take a while to blog the more worthwhile stuff down.

but first and foremost..this post is for my man 'the big T' from Germany...
Happy Birthday Timo!!
...damn man, have a great time today and know that someone somewhere in India wishes you the very best for everything!


until later then...

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timo said...

Hey bru,

thank you very much for your b-day wishes! I hope you're OK mate, good to see you blogging again... i guess you couldn't get access to the net at all while being in your village.

Things here are going good for me, lots of work, lot of revising to do for my last three exams later in July and sometimes i wish i could just do nothing for a whole day. What the hell, it'll be over sooner than i think and it will pay off in the end.

For now it seems like that i'm staying longer in the UK than planned in the first place. Since i'd love to also do my diploma project with MM i'll probably be staying until the end of next year's March. BTW, have you heard from Nafiz dada lately? I have been trying to get in touch with him dozen of times over the last months but i haven't seen him since i arrived here :(

Anyways, take care bru - i wish you just the best and keep on rockin'