Wednesday, June 20, 2007

the curse of Hamidaben's tea...

They said, "find inner peace?" I looked; it wasn't there.
but then, i guess that being cursed does rob one of one's share of inner peace. and being at the receiving end of Hamidaben's ire was certainly something that i hadn't considered a serious threat. that is until it struck me and left me dumbfounded! it all started of as innocuously as any other daily occurrence. back then i didn't even bother enough to care. now i am terrified of it to the extent that had didi make extra tea.

Hamidaben is the almost-old maid who comes to my aunt's to clean up everyday. she nags and does a sloppy job, and she is terribly other words, she is the 'perfect' baai (i, myself, on the other hand would like to nominate Kena for that position). well, those things apart, the day before...that's when the story starts.

i had just woken up and was still groggy when didi handed me a cup of tea and asked me to heat it up in the microwave. she also said some other stuff, but i never managed to catch it...and i never even bothered to try to. so i put the tea in the microwave and tinkered the thing to set it for 20 seconds and then walked off to the loo.
then i went on with my life. like i do everyday.
just that everything that i happened to do went wrong..the PC crashed and then wouldn't restart..the AC stopped functioning and my cell phone also began to give me problems. i misplaced the book i was reading and even after turning the house upside down was unable to find it.
and then in walks didi and turns on the PC with the push of a button, the AC starts gushing cool air, uses my cell to locate her cell and she finds my book on the table. damn, i guess that if i had stepped out of the house i would have run the risk of being run over by a bus or something where as she would have been showered with flowers instead.
and the cause of all this turned out to be 'that' cup of tea. i had forgotten all about that tea in the microwave until didi happend to find it stone cold inside the microwave at 5 in the evening. i merely shrugged my shoulders. after all i am never too keen on tea (coffee is a different matter)! and that was when didi told me that that tea was for Hamidaben and if i had only listened to what she was saying i would have know. and that was when it dawned to me. all my troubles were related to that cup of tea. i forgot Hamidaben's tea, and now i was being plagued by the tea that belonged to her and instead found itself poured down the sink.

the curse of Hamidaben's tea was turning out to be a formidable nemesis. and the only way out of it was to have didi make extra tea the next day and make sure that Hamidaben get it. and Voila! my life returned back to normal.

call me silly, but it's true.
you don't want to be cursed by Hamidaben's tea!



Ghost Particle said...

man this is weird...tea fate. Hey...atleast up put it to 20 seconds and not 20 minutes. :D

Sachin Ketkar said...

Well Nachiketa the evil spell of Hamidabai worked because you wanted to assign that work to Kena. Thanks heavens that your Didi was around to remove its effects. Paani Puri pic is too tempting to be only in the browser. When are you going to feed your poor teacher paani puri ?