Monday, August 06, 2007


considering the fact that everything seems to have taken a step towards being a snippet out of an old slow motion movie, life seems to be going on pretty decent. the same old monotonous routine and the same faces around. and still there's so much happening...feels like as if in a dimensional wrap or something of that sort. i must do something to break the chain...maybe i should go to Surat and visit Kaz (Saad can tag along if he wants to see his girlfriend and Ani is certainly being dragged along)!

in other things...i have to go along with Ani and meet the Governor of Gujarat this Friday. then catch the train on Saturday for Surat!! Yay!! i'm certainly looking forward to getting out of Baroda for the weekend.

and yes, ever heard of the following?
'single track mind', 'a whore and a half', 'red, ocher, burnt sienna with a tinge of olive green piece of shit'!
wonder where people come up with such innovative titles/epithets???? ;) no wonder we all love Ani...only she can say all this!

plus, what is the deal with Krishnamurthy and the entire Existentialist Philosophy?? have this irresistible urger to dive into a proper explanation of the entire matter, but won't. Sartre, Nietzsche, Kafka and Kierkegaard shall have to wait a bit longer before i discuss them, their works and their thoughts on my blog!

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream is yummy & indulging is blissful! need i say more!


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