Sunday, August 12, 2007

the ripples of Tapi...and a very old city!

so i'm here in Surat!

considering the fact that i have been looking forward to this trip since quite some time, it really has lived up to my expectations. something that is quite rare!
i very vividly remember the journey to Mauritius, there were so many things that i had imagined...and so little that i found at first glance. was sort of disappointing. but once again, the wisdom of the ages prevailed, and i learned to keep a hold on my expectations. life has a way of revealing itself slowly. it takes it's own sweet time to initiate us into its mannerisms and there is not much that we can do about it. we just need to learn to go with the flow. everything is worth it's wait! patience counts and life never manages to fail to amuse and astonish me. yes, we may feel let down at times, but it's just a matter of time. time is infallible. Mauritius was worth it! Life is worth it!
anyways, Kaz's home is worth the trip! its the most fabulous house that i have come across. i really have no idea of how to go about explaining it. but all i can say it is that her parents are amazing...her dad is a freakkin genius of an architect/artist and his home reflects his creativity in a mirror image. located on the banks of the river Tapi, it is a symbiotic confluence of nature and art. everything withing the house is a work of art (including her mom's cooking! magnificiento!! and the kitchen wine that they make??? amazing!!)

the only other house that has enchanted me as much remains the cabin that Dez had rented. remember the lovely beach house to the south of the island?? all i can do is sit and wonder when am i going to have the resources to have a similar house of my own! i know exactly how i want it to be.

am in love with my house. even though it does not exist yet! still i'm in love with it!

there is a lot more that i have to say...but right now i must go. life is good and i am living it. i'm going with the flow and there's nothing that i regret about it!

ps: by the way, the history behind this city is that this was the city that the British first sailed into from the Arabian Sea and up the currents of the river Tapi under the guise of the East India Company. not a very fond memory for us Indians, but it's the truth nevertheless.

until next time! much love!



Ghost Particle said...

ok thats it! I want to be there! I dont know how, but I wanna be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ghost Particle said...

u ok bro...busy?

susanne said...

I too would like to see Kaz's home! Your description sounds so exciting...
Any photos perhaps? O.k. I know it's not so appropriate shooting photos in a friend's home and placing them in internet.
But if you will be the proud owner of a house please invite me cause I am sure it must be something very special and I want to see it though of course first and foremost I would like to visit YOU...