Friday, December 14, 2007

the foodie gets ready to hit the road...

the bags are packed and i'm all set to go. shall be leaving for Mumbai tomorrow early morning with my masa (uncle), and to be quite honest, i am sort of looking forward to the 8-9 hour long drive. its always fun traveling with masa. (hehehehe) all the roadside Dhabawalas better watch out. here come the foodies!

in other things, have been spending a lot of time with family of late and it sure has been some good fun so far. agreed that Ba can go a bit overboard at times with her 'incessant worrying for the NRI gang's comforts' (damn us Indians & our hospitality concerns. अतीथी देवोः भुवः can end up feeling like असंभवः कार्यः at times) and drive me and didi from pillar to post. but its ok. family is worth all the little personal inconveniences. so its usually, shopping with di for her marriage (we Indians shop like crazy when it comes to weddings), distributing wedding cards to friends and folks, meeting all the people di wants to meet before she leaves town, running around buying groceries for Ba, being Ba's handyman/plumber/electrician et al.

also, in the past two days that i have been in Ahmedabad i have actually come to accept the dry humor that life is all about. only in my last post i was cribbing about my anti-social tendencies and reclusive attitude towards my friends, and hey presto, it seems that all of a sudden all the long lost and least expected to run into friends are the ones bumming into me at restaurants, malls and on the street. so first it was Shanaya and then i happened to have a run in with Parth followed by the best surprise of all, in one of those...
"hola! what the fuck are you doing here? and is that even really you??"
...moments with Dhaval Sheth (frack has been living in Australia and the US ever since passing out of High School and was in town on one of those so called 'flying visits' ), Paulomi Dave (a junior from high school who is currently dating Dhaval and is almost marrying him as well) and dear dear dear ol' Megha Chayya (haven't seen her since 10th grade. and now she is married and has a kid who is a year n half old already). wow!

i must say, somebody sitting up above seems to be pulling all the right strings in order to have me remain existent, even if its barely so, on the social circuit and amongst friends. call it luck i guess!


current song playing on the play list: '
From the Beginning' by Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

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