Monday, December 31, 2007

''ringing out the old, ringing in the new'...

...there are tales to be told. plenty of them. the last fortnight has indeed been quite eventful.

...hope that 2008 turns out to be better. its time again to make 'the list of resolutions'. i have made mine. this coming year i am going to spend more time for 'myself'. its time to make 'ME' the number one priority in all spheres. there is so much that i want to do and the only way to getting around about achieving any of my desired targets in life is to concentrate solely on them and banish everything and everyone else to the backseat and the secondary priorities list. so tonight i shall be raising a toast to a new year that (hopefully) focuses on myself.

& no, i'm not selfish! ok, just a tiny bit maybe, and that's allowed. in any case, most often than not, i am bad at keeping my resolutions. ;)

so what are your resolutions?


Ghost Particle said...

dear dear brother...HAPPY NEW YEAR!

susanne said...

Happy New Year, Nachi!

I guess I will join you: Your resolutions could be mine.

First step is done: I earn my money myself again.
Now I have to search the right surrounding fulfilling my needs...
Still I am not sure where it is.

Anyway I love your photo today -


And thanks for your comments in the last year - the pleasure discovering them is always great as you know!

Why live all nice friends so far away?