Tuesday, March 18, 2008

oh dear! here we go again...

Oh my God! (rolling my eyes till i can see the insides of my head) well there are quite a few tasks that are being accomplished of late. and if i thought that it was time to say 'hurrah' and go around doling 'high fives' i couldn't have been more mistaken. for when you have a mother who is a certified workaholic like mommy dearest is you are brought up knowing that,
"no matter how much is accomplished, there is always tons more that needs be done. and done immediately."
Work, my dear, is the business mantra of the day!


exams begin as of tomorrow. so have been keeping myself quite occupied with academics. then as always there is the socialising that is so very important and needs be done. last week was 'Holi'. and damn we colored the town (meaning the Faculty) and our sorry faces in all sorts of hues, dug up a pit, filled it up with water and threw each other in it (pigs of the world, say "oink").

the fun actually started a bit early (around about midnight the previous night) for us with Jay deciding that it was a great idea to come over to my place for some coffee. Vyom and Grishma were already on their way to Baroda by then and even Chin was coming to town after her 7 month hiatus in London. so the water balloon bombardment started with Jay and myself ambushing Vyom and gang near the elevator itself, which then escalated into a full fledged 'color everyone pink and red' match that even saw Ujjwal being dragged out of his apartment and Kareena receiving the 'treatment' even as she slept in her bed.

Holi was never this much fun. i still have a few colored patches to flaunt, and my finger nails are still purple; and its been 3 days since Holi.


anyways, so here are a few random pictures from around the house...

#1 : evil roommate, Luke Skywalker, in his new age look. too bad you can't see the pink pigtail at the back of his silly self-obsessed sarcastic head, smoking the Hookah. this biatch needs pimping!! (some value for your money; he does make good coffee. anyone buying??)

#2 : the chill zone in the bedroom. we are a fluid fusion of Gandhian principles (note the Charkha and the tiny copper bell), Greenpeace corps protesting against global warming (plants...they are a must in the apartment) and Mary Jane lovers who have horribly matched curtains.

#3 : the aeroplane model that i am still in the process of painting pink and green and the twisted copper scooter that Mrugen fashioned out just for us.

#4 : that's the living room with the essential Hookah/Seesha, the patchwork quilt curtain and the hand crafted lamps that we made (yeah, we folks design our own stuff in the apartment). Notice the heads by the cabinet?? we toss them around and play catch!

#5 : the chicken coop/basket that also ended up as a lamp.

#6 : and of course, People Power. bikers all the way!! ;)


i have been trying to put my house in order for a while now. i mean, over the course of the past year i have spent a long long time being a very confused individual when is has come to certain matters of personal interest and desire. there is one quite undeniable part about myself that screams out "Helpless Romantic". and that has indeed got me into a lot of needless stagnancy in life. which in turn has only contributed to my turning into an extremely sour and irritable person. in other words, NOT FUN. but times are changing. i am learning. and i am trying. i have indeed made a lot of concrete efforts to change all of this.
"so far in life i have learnt how to fall hopelessly in love. now i am learning how to fall out of love."

that's something i must do. i am sure a lot of my friends would agree to that. well folks, i just got tired of waking up in the mornings and looking into the mirror and staring into the face of an idiot!

and things are indeed looking up. i am reconnecting with a lot of people whom i had lost touch with. i am exploring new avenues of friendship that i had previously shunned or shied away from. and i am enjoying all of this. letting go of things is a very hard thing for me to do. and when it comes to matter close to the heart, it is even harder. but very necessary.
"you may want to do justice to everyone, but in the end you must foremost do justice to yourself. i can't allow my life to become stagnant."

some matters of random nonsense.

this afternoon had me cooking up a theory of how to protect the Earth from an alien invasion and at the same time try and find a solution to the world's nuclear waste issue and energy concerns. one just had to construct a shield sort of object out of nuclear waste cans that can be controlled via magnetic force from the moon to move into the path of any impeding doom (an alien spacecraft or an asteroid in this case) so that it explodes on impact and destroys it. too bad Saad thought (and quite correctly too) that there might be domicile issues with the lunar surface becoming such a hot property of late.

but what if the aliens possess the science to tele-port themselves in to our bedrooms??


Ghost Particle said...

//no matter how much is accomplished, there is always tons more that needs be done. and done immediately.//

so damn true. sigh.

i love ur apartment bro! all hail good housemates!

dont fall out of love, then you want to fall in love again. (or maybe I didnt get you?)

well I wake up everymorning and look in the mirror and stare at the face on an idot! :p

all said, the alien can teleport into out rooms, hope its a beautiful lady alien that looks jst like humans and she wants to some pretty hot stuff. har har har.

jst take the nuclear waste, sell it to the aliens as something very precious, and let them learn about it when they get fried. muahahahah!

Nachi said...

Ghosty: nice call on selling the nuclear stuff to the aliens. might as well make some money outta it.

did an update on the post a bit later. was running short of time earlier.

yeah, the whole point of falling out of love is cause it makes no sense to be in love with that person in the first place (although i still believe the contrary. so badly wish i didn't). one needs to move on and take more chances in life.

...Har Har on the lady alien thought!! :)

Keshi said...

yes there's always TONZ to do and so LITTLE time :( Even when we die, there'll be so much left UNDONE. Tell me one person who says I'm DONE with life. :)

thats ur roommate??


Ghost Particle said...

Keshi dear :p ...so now you feel like visiting Nachi eh...:p

hmm i need to slim down.

Nachi said...

Keshi: yeah that's evil roomie. i'm pimping him. you wanna buy??


Ghosty: slim down?? why mate?? i thought we were beer buddies!

har har har. well now, somebody is taking potshots at Keshi, eh?

Ghost Particle said...

hey mate...heh...Keshi is our buddy...though i dun tink we can make her our beer buddy...hum. she is loved.

i know bro...sliming down n beering doesnt go along...hum...

Keshi said...

lol Ghosty u got me wrong there. I wasnt interested in him. Just that I thought he was different..thats all :) And Ghosty I LIKE YA ANYTIME ;-)

Nachi I aint buying anything, no LOL!


Ghost Particle said...

ghost melting...:)

Nachi said...

Oh cut it out the two of you...get a room! :D

and Keshi, how come only Ghosty gets all the love??

Ghost Particle said...


Solitaire said...

Pictures are great!!!

That's your apartment in gujjuland?

Keshi said...

lol @room!

Ghosty dun melt just yet ;-)

**and Keshi, how come only Ghosty gets all the love??

usually Im not into 3soms..lol!


Nachi said...

OMG this is turning into a chat zone...cool!

Solitaire: yeah that sure is my apartment, and that too in the 'cultural city' of Gujjuland!

and Keshi,"usually Im not into 3soms"...usually??? ROFWL! ;)

Keshi said...

lolllllllllllz! Im so bad ha.

the truth is rite now I dun even get 1som LOL!


Ghost Particle said...

im watching buddy...stay away from KEshi. :p Ah Sneha is here... this gets interesting.

Keshi said...

haha Ghosty rem my qn abt 3soms? It was inspired by that comment LOL!

btw come play the game in my blog ;-)


Ghost Particle said...

Keshi! wild stuff :p imaginations flying here.

hey Nachi, bro, ma man...gimme 5. wazzup, what have u been doing?

Gordon van den Heever said...


What in the world is Gujuland?????? You numbnuts are going to get an ass whipping this cricket series....GUESS WHO IS #1 IN THE WORLD, bitch!

Anyways, what are you up too dude? Still studying or just cramping you granny's place down?

Hey, did you see the mauritius reunion thing going on between Jorn, Kerstin, Lars and Kevin sometime later this year. Think you can go. I will definately be there. Doing some PHOENIX and ladies....rrrrrrrrumba!

Hey, let me know how you holdin up bitch.


rhythm fadia said...

nice pics brother....now m really tempted to come visit u in baroda someday soon :)