Thursday, April 03, 2008

of moving, praising and buying for necessities...

so, you get done with your exams and you are left staring into the seemingly never-ending summer break and the unbearable heat of an Indian summer. you make plans to do things, travel, read and to try and beat the lethargy that otherwise creeps in. normally people live life this way. for me, i partied the weekend prior to the last exam, got sloshed, slept all of Sunday and then wrapped up exams on Monday. celebrated the 'sarcastically bitchy' roomie's birthday on Tuesday and then ran down to A'bad the same evening and begin with the task of sprucing up dad's apartment prior to his imminent arrival. i swear to God, it is a real bummer to have to clean an apartment that has been locked up for the better course of 'ever-since-it-was-constructed'. and i kid you not when i say that you end up having to hose down the dirt and the cobwebs with a garden hose borrowed from your neighbor. thank god for the part where i live in India. i normally am a pretty 'i shall do it myself, after all its my work' person if ever i actually get around to doing something. but for this once i was more than willing to make an exception. so i tapped into the infinite resource of cheap human labor that exists in India and got hold of 'Bacchubhai' (the cleaner at my mom's office) to help me with the cleaning. and then today, i got hold of these two electrician fellas to help me set straight the electrical connections and fixtures at the apartment and i already have lined up the movers to help me carry in the furniture come Saturday morning...
so for the price of a few quids i am saved the trouble of a nasty headache and the possibility of a broken back/neck.


met up with Saloni the other day. dear woman is so so so busy running around trying to get things in to order, meet with the bank people and convince them for a loan, scout for potential business premises, rendezvous with the product company agents and so on, in order for her to start her own saloon soon. seeing her run around and stress about (in her own unique manner that is) made me realize just how much effort and pain goes into the task of making others look glamorous. but the one thing that i do know is that no matter what Sal is going to make it a huge success. she has got the perfect blend of spunk and passion, entirely besides the fact that she is good, nay damn good, at what she does (hey, i let her style my hair no questions asked anytime she wants to. although she did color my hair pink once) and she deserves all the accolades and more. so here's a shout out to Saloni wishing her all the success that she deserves.
Sal girl, no matter how good you manage to make the world's people look, they are never going to get closer, by any means, to being as glamorous as you yourself. to me you are a diva!


so i guess that i am pretty finicky when it comes to sunglasses. it's almost on the border of having a fetish for shades and it drives me to keep on spending all my money on buying new ones all the time. the worst thing that can happen to me is for me to accidentally loose or break my sunglasses. Oh, that is indeed a dark day!

i broke my aviators yesterday while cleaning the apartment and hence i bought 2 new pairs of sunglasses today. that takes my official count of shades to 5.

i got me pair of funky Rock Star aviators with sexy red stars (what you can see me wearing in the old old profile picture. agreed that the Stars are not clearly visible)

the quintessential wraparounds for the dusty and windy days (the best resemblance to the one that i own)

the aviators for usual wear, the 70's style over-sized shades (my latest purchases)

and the regular sombre neat fits (i got the blue ones).

i am incorrigible. i am extravagant. my mom says,
"you would rather let your girlfriend go instead of one of your sunglasses!"
...i am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. but we all got our own little 'necessities'.


*ps: the picture update came a bit late cause i was just too damn lazy to get the camera out and click last night.


Ghost Particle said...

Bro...LOL! :P

I think your summer break is going to be very very busy. But busy is good isnt it. I mean you are doing important things. And you help others, no questions asked. So you must be one popular guy and someone who can be relied upon. :)

The shades, I have big problems in that department, I got a big head and nothing actually fits nicely, I mean it'll always look awkward.

rhythm fadia said...

i loved ur new profile pic...also read all ur recent posts...enjoyed them

Nachi said...

Ghosty: yeah, busy is good. and there ain't any popularity contest being won. I'm just making sure that my arse ain't in the 'line of fire' when dad comes to India.

as for the shades, keep on looking. try the over sized square frames or something. they generally complement a round face! ;)

Rhythm: yeah, was getting tired of seeing myself not look the way i actually do. so had to change it. plus the color speaks a lot. cause, of late, i am red and everything that it symbolizes.

glad you liked the posts.