Monday, February 02, 2009

dear Nachi, get well soon...

...this past weekend was bad. at least it started off badly enough...and all i have to show for my labours is the following pictures (go check them all out at the photo blog).


also, attended my first proper funeral this weekend. saw how the death of a loved one utterly destroys even the most resilient and the strongest of people.
someone else's anguish almost made me cry and for once i hated death from the very depths of my heart.

the lone leaf. always alone in death.


stole something from a beautiful friend. told her i'd give it back. i intend to keep my word. tomorrow i will return what is her's.


i sped onwards. i fell. i hurt...i picked myself up and walked on. i am healing.


i celebrated life and friendship and the things that remind me that life is indeed good despite the pain. i had fun! cause the one thing that i am genuinely good at is having fun. and cake. and more cake. actually 3 cakes..



Ghost Particle said...

its good being human isnt it, exploring the rythms of the land, the walks and footsteps of people. and the occasional fullstops. what is great is when u dont project urself as someone else, as something outside of who u are and then expect people to accept it.

i like this post alot, ur marked words, brings alot of meaning, into the life of Nachi :)

and damn u for the cake pictures. u doink! grrrr....

Nachi said...

Ghosty: doink! :)

in any case, we have to put on so many masks in our life bro, its a necessity at times. but there is no need in pretending and no shame in feeling. no point in lying.

the life of Nachi is pretty simple. but i guess that simplicity is the hardest to fathom.

Chriz said...

sad one mixed with some good deep thoughts..

glad to see some philosophical pourings.. i can talk like that only when i am drunk..


Nachi said...

Chriz: should listen to me when i have a pint in my hand! Confucius and Kafka would be damned while Plato throws up in a corner...

life and philosophy and fun go hand in hand

cheers mate!

Keshi said...

Death is also a part of that beautiful Life ur talking abt Nachi.


WarmSunshine said...


Get well soon Nachi

Your spirit for life touches me somewhere :) Reading your posts always makes me think

thanks buddy :)

Nachi said...

Keshi: i know that girl!! and i totally embrace the life that beckons before death...still, it hurt me deep to see someone else hurt. someone i have looked up to and loved was reduced to a wreck...and that is what made me hate death!

Mehreen: 'life' is supposed to be infectious Meh! as for my spirit, i just don't know how to give up and i always hope...

...your words mean a lot to me. thank you for bringing a *BIG* smile to my face!!


WarmSunshine said...

hey nachi.. something waiting for you at my blog :)

The Rat... said...

Ah!!! Nice friends..cake for getting well!! hmph.. my friends stop with a lone Gerbra.. think i shud send this link over to them...