Monday, February 09, 2009

networking the net...

okay then...

...the thing with having a name like mine is that it does tend to become a bit ambiguous at times. especially in a country like India, where the phonetic structure of the name basically determines the gender of the bearer. i have lived my 23 years and more with the inevitable massacre of my 'Bengali' name here in Gujarat (and no, i am not speaking of the 'accent-kill' that various people all over the world have subjected me to)...

i love my name. people love misspelling it, mispronouncing it and un-genderizing it. but then, we all think its pretty cool.

the other thing is that, Facebook and Orkut are pretty swell! i mean, hello!! i managed to trace down all of my short list of 'long lost' buddies and give them a fair share of my 'abuses' thanks to such networking sites. in return i have received umpteen friend requests from people who i believe, know me. i generally suffer from brain freeze in memory terms when it comes to remembering all the many people i happen to run in to. so i follow a simple principle, "if you happen to know a fair amount of the people i 'do' remember running into, then maybe i do know you."

...only recently have i learnt, how mistaken i can be.

life and people subject me to certain 'gems' of humorous incidents from time to time. my experiences with my name is one of my all time favorite. the networking sites too have a fair share of humor to offer. and here is one such example of them both combined...

(credit goes to d'Rat and her recent post for reminding me of this little gem i had tucked away somewhere on my harddisk awaiting a blog mention)


(7:45pm) Harsh: hi

(7:47pm) Nachi: hey!

(7:48pm) Harsh: wassup?

(7:48pm) Nachi: nothing, home

(7:48pm) Harsh: wat else?

(7:48pm) Nachi: nothing!

(7:49pm) Harsh: commited?

(7:49pm) Nachi: eh?

(7:49pm) Harsh: why eh? hello! u there?

(7:51pm) Nachi: committed in what sense?

(7:51pm) Harsh: having bf? hmm..........

(7:54pm) Harsh: slept?

(7:55pm) Nachi: tell me one good reason why i should have a bf??

(7:56pm) Harsh: not 2 get bored! :):)

and secondly for having quenched ur thirst

(7:57pm) Nachi: hmm, and what in the world is wrong with the women of the world, that i must go find a guy???

(7:57pm) Harsh: just to get satisfied....say....

(7:59pm) Harsh:

(7:59pm) Nachi:
so you mean to say that, in order to get satisfied i must change my preferences from women to men and get myself a bf?? hmmm...not sure i agree with that! i like me women, and so far i have no reason to complain otherwise


(8:00pm) Harsh:
i hope u r not lesbi** ...then u must get a guy of ur type

(8:01pm) Nachi: hemm, okies...i guess i must clarify certain misconceptions here my dear friend...forget lesbi!! i am a guy!!

i guess you got the gender confused here mate!!

lolz!! :P:P

(8:01pm) Harsh: haha

nice way 2 joke

(8:01pm) Nachi:

(8:01pm) Harsh:

i knew it

(8:02pm) Nachi: nice going man!! you are so desperate that you are hitting on another guy!! OMG

(8:02pm) Harsh: but just doing tp (read: time pass)

(8:04pm) Nachi:
yeah right...cover your ass now buster...made the mistake and now saying it was tp

saala didn't know you were flirting with a guy!!

what a bummer!!


(8:05pm) Harsh:
hey u f**ker

i saw ur profile b4 i started chatting okay

so better get those words back into ur own a**....

(8:07pm) Nachi:
lolz!! saw the profile and still were desperate enough to make the move! sheesh mate! you sure are having one long dry spell, eh?


(8:13pm) Harsh:
no man just cracking holes...

(8:16pm) Nachi:
yeah right!! now that i have a jack hammer up your's you are all so willing to say that you knew it all along...go bum someone else mate!!

you are not getting out of this shit hole that you have dug yourself into...

(8:17pm) Harsh:

(8:17pm) Nachi:

(8:17pm) Harsh:
not so true

(8:17pm) Nachi: dude you are so messed up!!


(8:18pm) Harsh:
LMLM beta.....ACEP

fine nachi or nagi? wat do u call it?

(8:19pm) Nachi:
?? is that the best you can do mate?? no wonder you are still single and desperate...


you know what man?? i gotta thank really...its been a long time since someone has made me laugh so much with their stupidity!!

dude, you one of a kind, eh!


(8:22pm) Harsh:
ya thanks for ur comment and u shud thank me too for the laugh


(8:23pm) Nachi:
i already am mate!! thats what i said. thank you for making me laugh with your stupidity and desperation..

(8:23pm) Harsh:

(8:24pm) Nachi:
now if you didn't understand that, then i guess that i know why you made the mistake of thinking i am a girl despite all the evidence are one dumb fella who can't understand the language, can you?

(8:24pm) Harsh:
u type so much dude.......have u got 20 fingerS?

if u have finished wid ur MC notes then we will talk

(8:25pm) Nachi:
talk with a guy who is desperate enough to hit on other guys by make-believing that they are thanks! i think i have had my share of laughter for the day...

(8:26pm) Harsh:
okay then f**k-off

(8:26pm) Nachi: the next time i feel like laughing..i shall get back to you


cheers mate...and good luck with finding a real (R.E.A.L) girl

may the dry spell end soon for you..or else, God only save us all other men!!




what can i say! sometimes the wonders never cease...and yes, i have not chatted with Mr.Harsh ever since...something tells me he is avoiding me like the plague!



Chronicwriter said...


nachi... are you male?

men.. i would have so loved to be a part of the cnversation too...

Nachi said...

Chriz: grr, of course i am 'male'...

...yeah, wonder what would have happened if you too were a part of this conversation thread?? OMG!! LMAO!! *shudder


Kavi said...


You followed it right through...!! I suffer the same fate !

There are avid readers to my blog thinking i am a lady ! A beautiful damsel, to their minds.

and then, i write about the missus. And their world beats the Lehman Brothers and disappears !

Nachi said...

Kavi: lol!! love the comparison to Lehman Brothers...i wonder, at times, what do such men think when they read our names??

...on second thoughts, i don't want to know! my bad i asked...


Anonymous said...

lol you had me laughing throughout.. even if i was not a part of that conversation, Harsh has irritated me way too much.. though you countered him well.. way to go :)

The Rat... said...

Oh nachi darling.. its sad that u r not a gal or a lesbi.. so wen u r u getting a guy of ur type to get ur thirst quenched... shud i be of any help dear... there are lot many guys of ur type out there u know, starting with Mr.Harsh..

and dear.. didnt know u had 20 fingers.. all i have is a thumb, a fore finger and a middle finger.. how crude is that.. u alone are blessed with 20 fingers.. hmph...

finish of with ur MC notes sweetums.. we ll talk and have fraandship too.. not to mention that we wont get bored and ll be satisfied!!!!!

Add me in ur Gtalk, wacko...

BIG Omi said...

lols @ (8:00pm) Harsh: i hope u r not lesbi** ...then u must get a guy of ur type... damn i almost scroll thru your profile to confirm who you are... well nachi does sound kinda sissy name... let go whats in the name DUDE ...

Have a good week ..

Nachi said...

the Pink Orchid: well, there was pretty much nothing else that i could have done.

"life pitches stuff at you, you simply whack them back!"


d'Rat: yesh, right! there are like a million guys out there who are my types. why oh why, am i not flattered??

lol!! added you...look out for a lunatic legionnaire knocking at your door


see, exactly my point. go read the name and conjure up wicked thoughts. typical male! wonder what people want as a 'sign' of (*ahem*) my masculinity, huh?? i do have some pics from my diaper-soiling days that would sufficiently satiate all curious souls...


BIG Omi said...

Peace Dude Peace !!

No one doubts the Master Nachi(keta)

WarmSunshine said...

Funny :)

poor guy... he was taking it very offensively :/

Miladysa said...


I wonder which stone he crawled under and if his mother knows ;D

Miladysa said...


I wonder which stone he crawled under and if his mother knows ;D

Nachi said...

BIG Omi: relax dude, its takes more than calling me a sissy name to get me all mad and you are still in the clear!

but if you want to go ahead and call me 'Master', i won't complain.

Mehreen: i know. guess i scared and intimidated him!

Miladysa: don't know which stone, but i sure haven't seen him ever since. and yeah, nice idea about his mom finding out. i am way too lazy to go through all the trouble to find his mom, but i am sadistic enough to put up the chat history on the web for all his friends (wherever & whoever they might be) to see!


BIG Omi said...

Ya ya Master !!

Keshi said...

If u didnt know me at all, wut does Keshi sound like...male or female? LOL!


Nachi said...

BIG Omi: bow down then to the Master!!


Keshi: even if i didn't spend like most of the time ogling at your pics, i would still think that Keshi sounds fabulously seductive & sinfully feminine!


Chriz said...

bro... hope your valentine day session is going on great

Nachi said...

Chriz: really my brother?? you actually think that single-hood would cancel its date with me??


a good day nevertheless. :)