Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Blues!! yes, blues and not reds...

okies! i survived through today!'s the customary Valentine's Day post. no 'actual single' date for the 4th consecutive year running. either i am loosing my touch or i am jinxed or plain ol' lucky! you take your pick.

so i have been penning down stuff over the past couple of days. blogville has been pretty active this 'love' season and they have made me come out of my writer's block and go nuts!

but first,

new hair cut!! new hair cut! gone are the long messy wavy locks...


this one is influenced by none other than d'Rat! crazy woman, you got me all inspired and tapping and singing. love ya! chaddis and all are fine,
but i am still without a Valentine!
so i guess i am going to stick to my sorry tune,
anyways most people think i am a crazy loon.
my cards and gifts are to be taken with Asprin,
only cakes are something for which i would kill.
amazing women and good food are pretty fine,
but that ain't reason for me to get a Valentine?
a bottle of Rum and an ol' quirky song,
the cat on the ceiling and me in a thong!
singing and dancing and jiving to my quirky song.
dude, St Valentine, you can join in too,
and all you women, "yeah, i love you too!"
but this Valentine ain't going to be no different
and i ain't going nowhere, and i'm still here
so unless you call me and sing me a different song,
i shall keep hoarsing my voice in this quirky song!...


and these two were pulled out by d'Gypsy and her intense posts over the last couple of days.

red was the color of the plucked petal
red was the stain smeared on the page
red was the heart that beat for it,
red was the blood that it's thorns drew.

red was the sun in setting that night.
the fragrance of the red rose,
coloring her dreams red too.

cause red was the color tainted by the rose.

but, faint was the smile on her red lips
upon beholding the red rose.


the silence shall unravel my desires.
the needs of a carnal being
one by one seeping away.
to see you
to caress you
to kiss you
the addicted mind seeks a way.

the fear of not having you
worse than cold decay.
and i'd rather walk a million miles naked.

to have known you
was my sin, my vice,
the redemption now sought each day.
& fantasies fueled by unrequited desires,
beg to have never known you.

but i 'do' know you,
& i would go back and change time;
only to see you
only to caress you
only to kiss you
& to know you all over again.


...went traversing across the town. took my camera along. and here are a few clicks from today!

the girls at the Uni!! the 'Mata Sita Sena'.

love is in the air! once again, at the Uni... :)

coffee house mushiness...

sweet nothings...

the only indulgence of the day...

my hot date!

my cute date!

this is how the cat spent Valentines the best way possible.

my new books!! love ya Ghosty!! thanks bro...


someone stopped by at the apartment to see cat. i'm hoping that was an excuse. either ways, its a good thing that the cat and his inherent cuteness and shyness necessitates much more than a single visit. so even if she did come to actually see cat, she has to come back again and again!

...i, of all the people, am wicked! ;)


Miladysa said...

Happy Valentines Day Nachi :D

LOVE the new edgy haircut.

So... you are a poet! The third poem is my favourite - you have talent!

Nachi said...

Miladysa: thank you mi lady!! and a very Happy Valentines Day to you and your family as well...

...and no, i am no poet. i just play with words!


The Rat... said...

Ah.. my valentine had a great time it seems.. how dare u go out with two hot ladies u Nachiketa, wen i had been waiting all day long babysitting ur cat???? cruel cruel nachi...

evil smirk Hilarious Nachi.. seems u had far better than me... :D

D Crazy Woman

Keshi said...

I love ur new haircut Nachi! SEXAAAY! ;-) So cheeky too hehehe.

**either i am loosing my touch or i am jinxed or plain ol' lucky! you take your pick.

I think in my case its more like Im losing my touch with hvn someone in my life...I think I've lost it altogether. Someone remind me how to kiss? LOL!

aww how sweet of u to dedicate some beautiful verses for Rat and Gypsy...they so deserve that kinda love and appreciation.

I love the chick-pics too. WOW u hv some hot ladies in ur life. So how come ur single Nachi? ;-)


Keshi said...

btw if u read my last post, u will realise Im a MUM now :) yes I hv someone to love now and to be loved by Im sure. I feel so v happy!


Kavi said...

Ok. so someone came to see the cat ! Ok. Ok ! Ok. No more questions ! :)

And hey, those were some awesome snaps !

Amruta said...

I love my hair! :P

Nachi said...

d'Rat: you cheated on me by picking Chriz to be your i did what i had to!


Keshi: lol @ "Someone remind me how to kiss?"

come here.

...and last post was for your daddy, right? so MUM?? what?? really?? i'm slightly confused!...wait i am going to email you on this one.

Kavi: i'm glad that there were no questions asked bro!


Amruta: i love your hair too!!

next time come sooner and leave later you 'all-time' ditcher! you keep breaking my heart, you know.


Amruta said...

Lol. Hey! u guys always tell me to come when i'm either not ready or U come when i have to go. I think it's in our destiny that you n me will never spend more than 15 minutes together. *sigh*

Ghost Particle said...

wait what have u been doin w/out telling me Survivor!

nice hair cut btw, i shall get one too...if i grow back me hair.

d gypsy! said...


new haircuts in the season of love, u outta to impress somone dude?!

yanyways, grt goin with pics...

d gypsy! said...

i have loved Maximum city by Suketu...

how r u findin it?

Chriz said...

that was a cute valentines date with a pussy...

and nice lyrics inspired by rats and gypsy..

next year, you will sure have a hot date bro..


Soheni Arora said...

I totally dig the new haircut, but maybe it wasn't working for the ladies...(I mean the regular, sensible, non-NID ladies...) That would explain the lack of a Valentine's Day date.. hahahahaha...!

Belated Happy Valentine's Day, though. :D

gayatri thangjam said...

ur new haircut pic...spiky! so sweet n cute! mwuuuuaaah!
...sometime remind me of my bro bully! u r so much like hairstyle! :P