Monday, April 06, 2009

the lost land of never-more...

there is a thing about being in an induced transcendental frame of mind. see the colors play riot as the music fuses the nerve endings of the brain cells, numbing some, hyper activating others; as the cornea dilates to the point that the misty opiates are no longer of any particular shade; the intoxication of the mind is completed amidst the chaos that erupts within.

...seems like ages since I've been to the land of the colors. to the timeless expanses of nothingness. the flow of the vital liquid in the body merging with the flow of the violent passions that stir the waters to create ripples that spasm the soul. the rush to go nowhere. be there. for the moment. forever. the vague poesy haunting till it becomes a cheering light. the liberation. the revolution. not for one short hour. neither for a fleeting minute. never to be the elusive second. supposedly the non-existent moment but for the inescapable reality of it's throes...

color me. engulf me. imprison me. illuminate me. shelter me. embrace me.

tonight i set my dreams on fire.

i am but for thee.




Keshi said...

**the rush to go nowhere. be there. for the moment. forever.

I really love how u expressed it!


Chronicwriter said...

dreams on fire.. apt song for the write up.. coolio..

let it burn

яノςんム said...

lovely.. the number and the way u made it up..


Nachi said...

Keshi: i am sure you know how it is to feel exactly the same.

much love. :)

Chriz: yeah bro, i like the song too...and yes, i shall let it burn.

Richa: thank you! so how was shopping? cheers! :D

Keshi said...

infact I do. :) And I long for it again, the moment it expires.