Sunday, April 12, 2009

fellow thief!...

some dreams are like...

a lifetime spent walking in the shoes of someone else.
uncomfortable, unlike the ones you left behind
at some doorstep a long long time ago,
for someone else to find & walk in.

a small gift, maybe perhaps it is
from one thief to another.

to be stolen discreetly
& never returned.
fellow thief

...who stole mine? and whose dreams have i stolen?



some random pictures from my walks around the MSU

i sure am going to miss walking around the MSU campus. after all, life has been kind here.


Amruta said...

Wow! I never knew MSU could look so beautiful! the building looks grand! Great pictures, devil!

Absolutely love the first two. The different shades of green with the orange in between is so pretty!

The picture of the dome is brilliant!

Kavi said...

Campuses have aura ! And sometimes.. just sometimes, the aura seeps through the lens of a REAL someone.

This time, that someone is you !

Lovely post.

Shaili said...

MSU is so beautiful! it indeed is! i jus realised that despite the fact that i hv lived here for almost all my life!!!
u r graduating or something... u said you will miss it?

and that pyramid poem is AMAZING! :)

Nachi said...

Charsi: well, there is so much more to MSU than the inefficient administration and the redundant educational structure plagued by student politics...all said and done, it did us some good to be here...and it sure is beautiful! we just don't perceive it as such in the normal grind of classes.

Kavi: thanks mate. you do tend to send me 'over-the-board' with your comments that are like Prozac to an incorrigible immodest narcissist that i am...


Shaili: yep! i'm done with MSU and Baroda (i.e. if all things go as planned)...

...i still got a couple of months here though. so it would indeed be a shame to miss out on a rendezvous with a fellow blogger before logistical & demographic issues become a paramount factor.

ps: glad you liked the poem! :D

Chronicwriter said...

loved the first picture.. leaves.. nice angle..

and funnel poetry at its very bro

Shaili said...

u r done with baroda??? and you're telling that to me NOW?? MAN! where were you all this while!!! and what happened to our pani-puri rendezvous?
a logistical & demographic issues become a paramount factor. , LOL i so love the way you talk!!!
do you use what they call messengers or facebook or something?

Nachi said...

Chriz: funnel poetry!! yay!! finally someone who appreciates and knows art when they see it...

:)Shaili: yes paani puri is definitely in the menu & yes i do use those devices of social existence. can't afford not to...

look me up as or simply hit Nachiketa Das on FB! you'll find me.

яノςんム said...

nostalgic.. nostalgic..

i read tht post, but sumhow forgot / missed commenting..

and the verse is superheartfelt..

rocksea said...

love your short, deep verses. and the vote goes for you! cheers,,