Tuesday, July 04, 2006

damn right we economists love to Tax...

all right, from yesterday onwards all plastic bags cost an extra Rs 1.15 all over Mauritius. even if you go to a huge super mall and buy a ton of stuff...you gotta pay Rs 1.15 for every plastic bag that you use to carry your stuff in addition to your mammoth bill.

yeah, the Mauritian government has finally concluded that plastic is degrading their environment and that they need to curb its use. so they figured out that the best way to do so would be to impose what we economist nerds call a Pigouvian tax on all plastic bags. but what really catches me at odds is the fact that it is really nothing as in a Pigouvian Tax if you look at the economic definition of such a tax. i really doubt if each plastic bag used inflicts a marginal damage of Rs 1.15 to the Mauritian society. as a Pigouvian tax standard, this tax on plastic bags is just a bag full of bullshit!! but, the environmentally friendly part of me does feel glad that finally steps are being taken to recognise and mitigate the threat that plastics pose to our environment. though i am concerned that this might just turn out to be one more in the plethora of initiatives that the Ramgoolam Govt undertakes from time to time with strong economic underpinnings and then back-tracks on. sometimes i do feel that politics as a whole makes sure that the purpose of economics is beaten to its grave, and that
we economists are in fact looking for a black cat in a dark room in which the politicians just let in a Puma. we find the cat, it rips us apart. we don't find one, well then we are just a bunch of morons with Phd's.
bottomline: don't hate the tax. hate the economist!!

so folks, just remember that the next time you go shopping...
DO NOT FORGET THAT WICKER BASKET!! crap...now i need to go buy me one as well.
well i kindda had a lot of other stuff in my mind for this post...in fact this was supposed to be a carry on post from my previous one...the one about when i'm in a contemplative mood and all....but i kindda have reached that point in the day where i no longer feel like racking my brains to come up with stuff to write about. i could go on and garble on about this movie that i saw during dinner. it's called Hoodwinked! and it is about Red Riding Hood, Granny Puckett, Bad Wolf, a Woodsman who is in reality an actor, a crazy hyperactive squirrel, a yodelling mountain goat and a suave detective Frog. but i'm sure that none of you want part of it.

well folks, so much for now...gonna go turn in early tonight. i didn't sleep last night thanks to the litre of cold coffee that i went through. was up and kicking till 7 in the morning...it's been all the way down hill ever since & now i am simply too exhausted. i still got the Germany vs Italy game to catch later tonight. but that's in an hour's time...till then it's plain ol' couch snoozing for me.

so that's it. Alles Klar!!

...maybe i'll come up with something a bit more interesting tomorrow.


starry nights said...

Just stopped to say hello. nice blog u have.

Kishley said...

That was a pretty nice step mauritius gov has taken.. plastic shd not be used neways..

Beks said...

I wish the Kerala govt would implement some sort of tax like that but they know that there'll be a 100 strikes just to protest and nothing will happen:(

Gordon van den Heever said...


Wow, I have actually forgotten that the plastic shopping bags was for free in Mauritius. We are bying these bags for the past 4 years in South Africa and for the environment concern, you can really see the difference. It works.


let me get back to slaving again.....ciao


I would rather that I get recycled paper bags and then pay extra for the same rather than pay a tax for plastic...I recycle the plastic bags here but wonder if its possible everywhere.....

In India i used to take my own bag and go to the shop and the shopkeeper would smile at me all the time!! :)

Ok, besides, I am for paying a tax, but as said towards paper bags tht can be recycled!