Friday, July 07, 2006

pretty eventful day

so yesterday was pretty eventful as well. my normal holiday routine seems to have been hit out of the park lately & i really have been surviving on 3-4 hours of sleep at night. yesterday was Amresh's turn to show up at my door at 9 am and drag my sorry arse of out bed. apparently his mother woke him up early and so he decided that he'd return the favour.
for all those people who have no clue of who Amresh is, all i have to say is that he is like that long lost twin brother of mine (albeit born of a different womb). people usually mistake us to be real brothers while we are out on the streets in our many adventures together.
anyways, so he knocks on my door and gets me out of bed...steals my cup of coffee and also changes the playlist!! sonofabitch!!

anyways, we pretty soon decide that its no fun staying indoors and decide to go grab a couple of movies from the video club and also stop by at Super U to go replenish our stock of goodies & fill our tummies while we are at it. well plans made...we guys were almost ready to leave when Noella shows up. so she also hops into the car as we head out. to cut a very boring and long story short...we wasted almost half an hour at the video club while Noella, Amresh & i fought over the movies.

stopping by at Super U - Grand Baie, i manage to recollect the following extracts of conversation.


scene 1: at the bread and baked stuff aisle. entry of girl in hot skirt while Noella and i fight over the choice in bread.

Me: sliced and whole wheat.
Noella: naa...i like plain bread.
Me: well, i don't care what you like. take that whole wheat bread. (shoving WWB into the basket)
Amresh: whoa! check her out...Noella you look in the other direction.
Me: hmm, what's up with that skirt??
Amresh: i know. but she's hot. must be a tourist. let's find out.

(standing and pretending to select bread while in reality just trying to eavesdrop on her conversation)

Me: that sounded like Creole to me.
Amresh: yeah, she's Mauritian.
Noella: go ask her number.
Amresh: you are supposed to be a good girl from a decent family. you should not be asking me to go up to her and ask her number. how dare you act like that in front of your brothers.
Noella: well i don't think that Shubu (i.e. me) minds & anyways i don't think she's that hot. bah!
Me: she looks too young. maybe 16...Amresh, you sure you are not a Paedophile??
Amresh: no i am not. hey! where did Noella go??
Me: eh!! who cares...let's take a look at the alcohol section. see if they got some booze on promotion.

(Noella ends up being the smartest amongst us as she quietly walked away with her plain bread while i stood distracted by Amresh. i never remembered about the whole bread thing until we got home).

scene 2: Steers. hogging on a King Steer Burger.

Noella: look at that girl behind you Shubu.
Me: hmm, she's pretty. (evil grin..thinking bad...very bad)
Amresh: which one??
Noella: the one in the white skirt with all that make up on.
Amresh: i think i know her. yeah, she looks familiar.
Me: really!!
Noella: what? taane nathi lagtu ke kaik vaadhrej make up laggau chee aane? (don't you think that she has a bit too much make up on?)
Amresh: no, i don't remember her exactly. but i think that she is a friend of my brother's. seen her somewhere definitely.
Me: it's a small country. i'm sure you have seen her before. haan, thodu vaadhare chee. khas karine kohl. paan chale. saari dekhaye che (yeah, she's slightly overboard. especially with the Kohl. but its ok, she looks good)

(by this point in time it is quite obvious that we are staring at her and talking about her and she also notices us).

Me: i think she knows we are talking about her. maybe we should go and talk to her. just so that we don't look like a bunch of creeps who just stare at women.
Amresh: Noella. you should not be listening to what your brother is saying. he is spoiling you.
Noella: i don't like my KFC fries.
Me: eh...i told you that the Steers fries are the best.
Amresh: yeah, but they make it a bit too oily.
Me: shut up and eat. or else i'll eat your fries. mmm, this King Steer is the best.
Noella: its beef.
Amresh: you should try it Noella. it's so good.
Noella: i don't think so. i eat only chicken.

(now the girl gets up and is about to leave. she walks towards the washrooms. comes out and walks right past our table, leaves her hand trailing and catches mine and Amresh's chair, pauses and smiles and then walks straight by)

Noella: Shubu, tein joyu? (did you see that?)
Amresh: cough..cough..sputter..choke...
Me: yeah!!
Noella: her hand touched your chairs and she smiled.
Amresh: (still choking on food)...cough..cough...(more sputter).
Me: haha..Amresh is choking on his burger...hahaha
Noella: she's gone.
Me: dude stop choking on the burger...hahahaha (laughing uncontrollably by now)
Amresh: Fcuk!!

and that my dear readers was the story of going out to lunch with my sister and Amresh.

well the rest of the day was pretty usual. got home and Amresh & i watched a movie while Noella decided to go and sleep for a while before getting back to her books (her mock exams are on). half way through i lost all interest in 'Tom, Dick and Harry' and i decided to go online. Dhwani was there and i ended up chatting with her for the next 2 hours. had to go to Mr. Patel's for dinner & while there watched 'Bend it like Beckham'. once back home i tried to sleep a bit early for a change. but i guess that my body clock is still fucked up from the World Cup and i just lay there in bed tossing and turning. finally gave up on trying sleeping. watched 'American Pie' instead till 3 am. finally fell asleep after that.

and then a little chipmunk called me in the morning at 5 and made me the happiest man in the world!!



Beks said...

ahh.. the girl of mystery...nice...hope you see her around soon.


WHo is this chipmunk?? I think thts the only question I have and a comment tht your sis has a very nice unique name!

Nachi said...

my sister's real name is Nivedita...

Kishley said...

lol @ amresh's coughin n sputtering :) tom dick n harry is seriously one bad movei.. i cdnt watch it beyond 10 mins..
btw, what is a chipmunk??

Susanne said...

Nachi, please post some new photos...:-) I like your "Nachi-style".

Germany is happy today as you can imagine!
And I am going for France this evening. Must hurry now: The match will start in 20 minutes.