Sunday, July 09, 2006

some things are just worth everything...

what can i say??? just saw Armageddon for like the hundredth time...
and every time...damn it, every time Liv Tyler takes my breath away!!
and no doubts to my masculinity, but i love it when Ben Affleck sings "leaving on a jet plane" to Liv before the take off.

sheesh...i need to stop!! maybe i'll make up for this movie mush by making tonight a beer and the World Cup finals night. i got me a bet as well. dad's cheering on for France & i got the back of the Italian Juggernaut.
may the Football Gods awaken and do justice to the slayers of Brazil & strike them down with the fury unleashed by Totti, Toni and Gattuso.
allez Italia...

UPDATE: it's Monday morning & got nothing to say...just doing my victory dance!! :)


Beks said...

Looks like you got your wish. I didn't watch the match but I really wish I did because it sounded like it was really dramatic! Poor Zidane.

and hey could you update your link to me? I'm now blogging at

Nachi said...

Beks...hell yeah i got my wish!! and yeah, kindda felt sorry for Zizou. but he freaking head-butted a player in extra time. should have seen that. total crazy. that was to be the last moment of Zidane on the International Stage...*sigh*.

& link updated. and may i ask why the sudden shift? any brownie points in favor of wordpress that i must know of??

Gordon van den Heever said...

Hey Bru,

ITALY! I am so glad they beat those fucking frenchies.....Man, have you seen the penalty in the first 7 minutes. That's why I said soccer is a p....y game.

Man, Good stuff for Deutschland ending 3rd beating Portugal convincingly. No need to argue about that game. SCHWEINSTEIGER!

Hey, what's up with ARMEGEDDON???? Hey you have to be really bored to watch crap like that? When are you leaving now for India? Tickets Booked or is the idea of India just still floating?

Buddy, miss ya and take care.



I love tht song...When I get pissed with someone n want to tell them tht I am going ot get out of here I sing tht often...Very child-like but I adore tht song!

Ekta said...

Well some movies are meant to do just that!!..Take ur breath away everytime u see them!
Forest gump does it for me everytime!

Nachi said...

Bru: i certainly disagree with you on Armageddon sucking as a movie...come to think of it; it's got Liv Tyler, a rogue asteroid on its way to destroy earth, space shuttles, astronauts, oil drillers & nukes. what else would you want from a movie??

Scribblez: yeah, i love that song too!! the Armageddon soundtrack rocks (we also got 'don't wanna miss a thing')

Ekta: it's actually Liv Tyler who takes my breath away, but i feel you. 'Forest Gump' is an extraordinary movie.

Gordon van den Heever said...

Ah Nachi,

I really thought you are one of those in the "closet" type people. You love old "LIFE IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES" dude.

You are really bored. You should get your ash over here and start to translate to these cousins of yours from Ahemabad or what ever they call that place.


Me said...

What is the fascination Armageddon has for men?? THe boy will watch it every day if i let him. He LOVES the movie. I don't get it.