Monday, July 03, 2006

the process of contemplation...

the past 2 days has seen me fall in and out of a contemplative mood. i have quietly resigned myself to the fact that whatever choices i have made in the past have been at most times worthwhile. and as it is, i really cannot see a way of undoing the past. and every time i felt like blaming the family or anyone else for that matter, i have turned to the internet. yeah, try reading all the blogs out there and then maybe you start to see things in a lighter vein. makes one realise that you definitely aren't the most fucked up person in the whole wide world (www). there's always someone to top you to that position, which in my case is the entire www. hence i definitely recommend the internet to all the sad and "my life sucks" motto peeps...once you go out there and see; you find that you actually got it all pretty good in life.

so i stayed in bed till 3 today reading Emma. i kindda always enjoy that book. i like the interfering nature of Emma Woodhouse. plus the fact that it is so very inevitable for her to meddle in other people's affairs always reminds me of the many relatives that i have been blessed with who, in true Indian style, are more than a match for Emma's inquisitive and meddlesome nature.

quite interestingly today my thoughts were more drawn away from the actual plot of the book and bordered more in the realm of reflections on past readings. my thoughts were more reflecting of the Napoleonic era and the finding of the Rosetta Stone. wonder why that happened, but something in the reading of Emma triggered off a chain reaction of thoughts that went back to this one article that i had read quite a few years back in the Reader's Digest regarding the Rosetta Stone. it is amazing how the finding of one tableau led to the ability to decipher the lost language of hieroglyphics and shed such insight into the lives of the ancient Egyptians and unravelled the mysteries of the Pharaohs.

what can i say? i have always been fascinated by history.

anyways, one thing led to another and my thoughts kept on flipping through the pages of memory. it is an exceedingly refreshing experience i must say. the Rosetta Stone to the Egyptians to the Incas & the civilization lost in the Cambodian forests then to this one book i had read, titled 'Through the Jungles of Brazil' or something like that...the human capacity of storing information is astounding. and i am always amazed by all the little tit bits that i manage to remember.

...needless to say, pretty soon my thoughts turned to economics and i lay there in my bed contemplating on the sense that competition makes in markets. all this was triggered by the current situation of a competitive surge in the Indian markets and the rampant rise of consumerism. how much more competition can the market take before it bursts at its seams and we begin to feel the after-effects of too much competition in the market. and on a passing note, it's interesting as to how economics as a science has turned more towards the usage of math to define it rather than the process of intellectual thoughts and in many instances of common sense. i like to base my thoughts on a more liberal level where contemplation is possible and the seemingly mathematical process of trying to rationalise everything with the help of figures is not for me. no wonder my supervisor was aghast at my refusal to make use of mathematical proofs in my thesis. anyways, i don't want to bother you all with all this shit. in general, i have been contemplating.

and yes, i have a new friend...she's my age & she's married and has a kid and is amazingly beautiful and is my friend's cousin and is a fellow beer lover & i just had a delightful chat with her.

life and thoughts sure are funny. from Emma to the Rosetta Stone to the Incas to the jungles of Cambodia to the significance of math in economics to a new friend.

i say today was good. :)



Hiya..."Nachi" is a really cool id/petname...BTW now I think I gather you r into economics as an education tool with deep rooted interest in Hostory and also Literature...You are so talented I must say...For me, i had to go and search wht the "Roseta Stone" was in the www before i could go ahead...U r really smart n intelligent, tht comes out from this post!!! :)

Gordon van den Heever said...

Hey bru,

I do not know why I like you so much, but the fucking crap you are talking about in this post confuses the crap out of me.....For sure!

Man, you vocab really improved tremendously and I hope you kind of lost the whole indian thing of "da day afta tomorrow".....

Keep on contemplating....I guess with the shit weather in Mau it is all that you can do. And leave those married chicks alone. Her husband might just have a huge double barrel shotgun....We do not want our baby friend to look like chicken feed afterwards. And get your own baby if you are so obsessed.....Just kidding bru.

What would be really great if you can transform all your energy that is spent on thinking about crap like the Rosetta Stone and put it to good use by giving these Tanzanians more brains and smaller wallets!

Miss you brother and it is good to see you posting so regulary now. Miss ya!


Beks said...

Nothing to do with this post really but what is Ahmedabad like? Am wondering since one of the places Ro is applying to is IIM A for the executive MBA...

Nachi said...

well dear scribblez, you greatly overestimate my prowess’s. i just have a tad bit of the gab & a habit that roots to books. so everything else follows!!

and Bru, i think that right now i am on a blogging roll. i kindda had two posts lined up for today. but i'm saving stuff for the leaner days. as for the married chick, she's da cousin of a great pal & her husband doesn't own a shotgun (i found that out first thing). so no worries, i'm not chicken feed yet. miss you too big bully!!

ps: i got more crap lined up in my upcoming posts bru...

Nachi said...

Becks...A'bad is a jolly good city. supposedly dry. amazing people. really really safe (as far as i remember, we never had issues relating to late night out's and trouble even as high school kids). i too am planning to haul arse to IIM-A in the near future. what can i say? IIM-A rocks!!

the only problem might be the heat during summer. a sweltering 45 degrees at normal times. oh and yes, the Amdavadis are terribly fond of eating out and being loud!!

i think that it would be great if things work out fine for you and Ro & you do move to A'bad.

Beks said...

Hey so are you applying for the PGP X programme?