Thursday, November 08, 2007

the absolute homebody...

now that my flat mates are gone to their respective families for the holidays the last couple of days seem to have been entwined in a drowsy stupor that has so far obliviated time. i mean, i really have lost the concept of time whatsoever in the sense of a daily discipline that is normally upheld. waking up at 4 or 5 in the evening, reading and watching TV when not sleeping and not stepping out of my house seems to have become the normal thing to do.
holidays tend to allow for such discrepancies.

in other things, when i do manage to gather enough energy to step out of my apartment and get out into the world (in the words of my roommate, "it is not beyond you not to leave the apartment and remain confided for God-knows-how-long. you seriously lack a life when you are having your lazy days.") i have mostly been biking around town with Saad at odd hours. biking along the highway to Vasad for dhabha food, roaming around the city at 2 in the morning looking for tandoori chicken and ending up having a run in with the cops who just want to mooch off on poor students for their Diwali bakshis, etc.

on the Diwali shopping/splurging note there is just the usual book buying spree that i indulged myself sure threw a fit when i showed him the bill that i had put on his credit once i was done filling my shopping cart with books. ;)

and yet i am bored. i drift along the path of indecisiveness that in the end has me doing nothing concrete. i want to restart my gymming. i need to get some paperwork done regarding my license and i need to seriously try and figure out a way to understand my family and try to come up with means to survive them.

i want to take a vacation and go somewhere alone. but the only feasible destination for me remains my apartment. so that's where i shall stay and remain amidst my books and my ashtrays filled with cigarette butts that i managed to puff before i quit.
OK...have almost quit. i am getting there to that stage.

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Ghost Particle said...

Bro! Thanks! We are Sith Lords. :D