Thursday, November 29, 2007

exactly the way it is...

i'm dead!

...i want to go back to Baroda...but i also want to spend time with my Ba and didi and the rest of my family. i want my sister to come to India. it's been over a year since i've seen her and i miss her. ok ok, i don't miss her. i just want her to come so that i have someone to pick on and bully. i want my cat! i miss him more than anything else in this world. i also want to play Age of Empires. i hate the Motorola handsets. i can't figure out anything in them. i'm sticking to my good ol' Nokia.

i want to have a decent BBQ!

i'm dead tired. i want to sleep.


Ghost Particle said...

bro, do you booze? there's your solution there. :D

Nachi said...

do i booze...DO I?? hello!! i think we need to ascertain certain essential facts about life. so meet me up at the pub round da corner and we'll light saber duel it out over a keg of beer.



Ghost Particle said...

man...if I could I would catch a flight there right now! its friday and im dry humping my computer and deadlines. wohooo...