Wednesday, November 28, 2007

chocolates, genetics, laundry and a box of books...

yay! thanks to the fact that i'm chilling my heels in A'bad, i have been blogging regularly. hurray!! i think that i need to celebrate. "pop goes the last Ferraro Rocher in my mouth along with the rest of box and the other ton of chocolate in the fridge that i have consumed in the last 3 days"...
anyways, there are a few things that i happen to realize every now and then, that manage to freak me out of my own pants! and i seem to have inherited them all. guess that i ended up on the wrong side of the genetic structure when my parents and their DNA's were "playing birds and bees". come on,
dust and pollen allergies from both my grand mothers, a highly sensitive nose from my maternal granny, a 'lazy-bum' attitude from my father's side of the family (as per mom), irresponsible and a self centered mindset from my mom's side of the family (as per dad), a certain something that Freud would call 'anal-retentive' from my grandfather that is all about being unable to get rid of things & hording useless stuff as weird as this empty bottle of Powerade back from my days on the island, being an incorrigible book fiend (from my daddy), obsessive to a point when it comes to cleanliness matters (thanks to mommy), totally hopeless in communicating with friends and family over distance (both mommy and daddy), having a bug stuck up my arse that demands order and structure (from Ba) and plenty more
...i seem to have got it all.

so, mom and mama thought that it was a good idea to call me in the morning all the way from the US simply to say that Ba's cell was out of reach and that i should call her and tell her to come to the living hall to talk as the thick walls of the house at Camp cause interference in the network. i mean, tremendously tech savvy thinking, except for the part where they somehow forgot to consider that i was at my masi's and if the cell at Camp was out of network area, "how in the world was i supposed to call Ba??" eh, i had finally found the flaw in the everything is do-able code that persists in my family, or so i thought. even this flawed order hardly drew an eye blink from masi, as she asked me to call the neighbors and ask them to go over to Ba and tell her to move to a more network accessible part of the house!! what-the-????
there's always a way i tell you.
...i spent most of my morning washing the bed covers and sheets once i made my way down to my Ba's place. she refused to have me manhandle the 10-12 year old washing machine that needs manhandling to function and instead decided that it was a better idea to have me beat and wash the sheets by hand under the running water. when complained to about the extreme amount of labor, all she had to say was, "this is nothing, we washed gaadlas (mattresses) also this way. and what is the use of you being all young and going to the gym if you can't even wash a few bedsheets by hand". hmm, any answers anyone?

the afternoon was spent indulging my orderly bug that was humming inside of my head telling me that my books (i.e. my personal library) needed to be arranged and tallied (despite the fact that i already had an idea about them from my last census sometime back). so i ended up, cleaning, counting and making an inventory of all the books that i had in the cartons at my Ba's house. 3 hours of such labor saw me holding a list that read, "221 books with the names of their respective Authors and Publishers; comparing which to my memory of the previous count, i noticed that Leo Tolstoy's 'War and Peace' and the Great American Heritage Dictionary were missing from the carton." now i need to find them (i hope that i haven't lent them out. i hate lending out my books to people, you never get them back. ever). maybe they are in Baroda. they better be.

i know. i am insane.



Ghost Particle said...

//(i hope that i haven't lent them out. i hate lending out my books to people, you never get them back. ever)//---bro i hear you! now i need a gun, these book snatchers are emotion thieves.

Say now Ive learned alot about you...anal it happens to me when im depressed...:p

I wash all my cloths by hand...and yes...


cheers bro...get some champagne wit d choco! :p

Nachi said...

Ghosty: yeah, let's go get em' damn book snatchers (unsheathing my light saber). "AARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGH!!!"

Ghost Particle said...

Siths rooole!