Friday, April 04, 2008

the changeling...

*current music: Winds of Change ~ Scorpions

there is a certain drift in the winds tonight. the mercury has fallen and the leaves are rustling and speaking to each other and to all those who care enough to listen, "there's a certain surety in the air tonight that says that tonight is going to be different. cause tonight the winds are changing." long have lasted the life-sapping heat and the dust demons that race across the barren morbidity of the unforgiving summer landscape in a moribund existence that gives birth to the devil and his thoughts.
"even the devil has a right to exist. God alone couldn't have created this world."
but even as just as it might be, the devil's existence, the devil cannot rule the world. people cannot forget laughter. tears cannot cease the happiness. cause even the tears themselves might belong to joy. life has a right to be happy. life has a right to change.

...tonight things are changing. the winds are changing and bringing in a coolness that emanates from life itself. how long could have it lasted anyways? someday it had to come to an end and the change had to happen...

...with each drop that falls on the face, a million tears are washed away unnoticed as the trickling water manages to enter each and every crevice of the sun cracked face, soothing the wounds with the elixir of life, bringing a smile to the face. each rain drop is a memory. memories of love, memories of pain, memories of successes, memories of lies, memories of untold secrets and all other memories that life holds in its folds; and in an instance you see your entire life rewind, unraveling the lost keys to the doors that you couldn't find when you needed to open them. they were right there in front of you, but you failed to notice them and today, when you see them, all you can do is smile. it is funny how they eluded you, or better said, how you were blinded to them. you would have done anything for the key when you needed it the most, but today you couldn't care less; life couldn't care less; life doesn't have time for regrets...

have you ever seen the trees dance in a storm? the gradual rise in the crescendo of the rustling finally explodes in the wild dance that calls out to all the powers of the nature, calling them to unite in one moment of intense fury that leaves the puny man awestruck. the skies open up to white flashes of anger, the winds carry the force of a possessed being, the clouds cry their violent tears that lash out at all that stands in their path, nature bellows in the booming voice ordering the trees to re-enact the cosmic 'Tandava'.
"the Universe might have been created in a moment of lucid tranquility, but it will be destroyed in a moment of blind rage."
...the Creator, the Sustainer, the Destroyer. all are one. all are You. you created this world, you will destroy it. it is only a matter of time. in the meanwhile, sustain it. nurture it. love it. it is your's after all.

~ॐ ~


rhythm fadia said...

what have u been reading up late????
from where did all these thoughts come???

Nachi said...

Rhythm: lol! chill out sis, haven't been reading anything as a matter of fact. i want to though. have a few books lined up, but i need to finish all the work first.

it rained today. it made me feel. and this is what came out.

..anyways, i'm on my way to Mumbai on Sunday. will catch up then!


Ghost Particle said...

such raw energy and expression! the best from you bro...or shall I say the best of what ive read from you.

//life doesn't have time for regrets..//

true enough, countless cycles of rebirth, the memory of life remains in the souls of each human, new and old souls.

Keshi said...

good post Nachi..

I thought I knew what life is...who God is...where Im heading...what this Universe is etc etc. But not anymore..I hv no clue and I dun hv faith in any God. Its all an illusionary trap.


Ghost Particle said...

hey and the profile pic...bro I tink u have a great Bollywood future... or maybe in a movie I make? :p

Nachi said...

Ghosty: sometimes the words just flow. last night was one of those moments.

lol! @ the bollywood future. but if you are going to be making a movie then could you make sure that you somehow manage to cast Angelina Jolie or Jessica Alba as well. ;)

Keshi: everything is an illusion, but all we need is faith. learn to enjoy the illusion, it has been cast there for a purpose.

i know not God, but i feel God. i know not the Universe, but i know that i am a part of it. as for life, i'm just glad to be able to appreciate it.

its scary, the potential that a human being holds within. we have the power to choose between creation and destruction. and that i believe is the key!


Ghost Particle said...

The movie part might come true bro, but Jolie or Alba...! :P