Monday, April 07, 2008

travelogue, beer-log and insomnia...

things turned out to be quite insane and fun. of late, i have been complaining and ranting away to glory, every now and then i have managed to slip into a weird and terrible frame of mind due to certain 'reasons' that i finally feel required no further elaborate attention on my part;
(but i am so very sure that as such this solution is not going to be possible and i am going to slip into the same state of stagnancy and libido that i have so begun to detest and made concrete efforts to overcome)
also, i have been working towards ensuring that things are in order for my dad when he shows up with my kitty and sister; and then, i have also been partying and meeting friends. in short, i have lived up to my own expectations in the past couple of days.

so i got done moving stuff into dad's apartment Saturday morning. the movers were an hour late and the men who finally showed up were quite dubious in their physical appearance and they hardly seemed capable of lifting anything. plus they did manage to drop my carton of 200 + books down the stairs while moving, hereby ensuring a 'literary landslide' in the literal sense and an instinctive 'verbatim abusive barrage' on my part. but over all, the entire process went off smoothly. the work got done. i pretty much didn't have much of an option and i had to leave ASAP for Baroda, finally reaching the town and my place around 6:30-7:00 in the evening, which left me with just enough time to run down to the train station to find out what trains would be available to me for my Bombay journey. that done (i ended up with a list of 7 trains and no confirmed/reserved tickets), i headed back home to a nice shower (yikes, i was feeling the dirt and the heat with all the traveling and moving) and then to Ayesha's for the 'formal/socialite' party. for once my inhibitions were proved absolutely wrong. i had presumed that i would manage to bore my self to death that night. but hell i was wrong! turned out i knew over 90% of the folks who showed up. the fact that i was meeting them all after like ages added to the fun. but to cut a long story short, the party finally ended at around 2 am with Luke, Hardik, Patrick, Jeff, Siddharth and myself being the only guests still up and kicking and yapping with Ayesha's granny, talking about stuff ranging from life to God to beer and women (oh yeah, also, met this cute girl that night. need to follow up once i get back to Baroda!). even the hostess herself, Ayesha, was passed out and asleep in her room.
"lol! blimey eh??" :)

well, finally called it quits but not before we promised the granny that we boy's would be back to carry on the conversation some other time, and then headed out for 'chai' at 3 am. a lovely little drive up to the highway and an all night chai wallah at his tiny shanty chai stall was more than willing to oblige us with our tea demands. interesting conversation with interesting people and an even more interesting episode where in a strange woman tried to pick up Patrick. she was "knowing English too" and was quite adamant that Pat give her his "phone ya, you got phone or contact number. you know i too English knowing. give address. you know where? i visit?" damn, we boys were more than happy to stand aside and keep on laughing to poor ol' Pat's embarrassment.

anyways, headed back home after that. and boy oh boy, guess what?? 'ze um, ahem, how to say?' girl Arshneet was there at home!!
now, what else does a guy need after a kick-ass party other than an attractive woman to open the door when he gets back to his place???
the girl had just come down from Mumbai and was staying over for a few days. needless to say, we are always more than happy to have her stay with us while she is in town. ;) anyways, considering that i had a train to catch at 6:30 in the morning, i felt it quite unnecessary to sleep. and this is what followed...

6:30- have Arshneet drop me off to the train station.
6:45- manage to get a ticket (albeit unreserved) and hop on to a train to Mumbai.
7:00- since there was no seat empty in the general compartment, find a nice empty spot empty next to the door, spread out the newspaper and sit there as if it was my personal fiefdom.
12:20- be lucky enough to have the train stop at Vasai due to some congestion in the tracks up ahead. so jump off, and head home to my aunt's.
13:00- head back towards Borivali and Malad with my cousin on a day out with her and her friend.
14:00- still chilling out with cousin and her pal at the mall.
1500- yep, still there at the mall, barely awake but still there, while cousin shops.
16:00- cousin is finally done shopping. so call up Kaz and Saad (who himself, is in Bombay as of this moment) and plan to meet up.
17:00- meet up with my 'crazy baavi' Kazvin and Saad at Pop Tate's in Andheri.
18:00- Chandradeep joins us.
21:30- finally get done, after like a few pitchers of beer and some amazing food, and head back to Bhanu foi's place in Juhu (yep, us Indian's and our relatives all over the globe symptom).
20:00- plomb my arse in front of the tv to watch Mughal-e-Azam for the umpteenth time.
3:00- head down to the airport to pick up dad and sister and kitty who were coming down from Mauritius.
5:00- back in Vasai at Bharti masi's and dead asleep after over 38 hours without sleep starting Saturday morning.

"and then people say that i am lazy! sheesh!"
anyways, loved chilling out with Kaz and gang in a setting apart from Baroda. me thinks me is going to try and make such visits more often. also, driving down to Ahmedabad tomorrow with 10+ more hours in the car!



Ghost Particle said...

Kitty as in Cat kitty bro?

//'literary landslide'// Bahahahah! now a practical use for the have a might interesting life my friend.

And u sum up the adventures so well, you know something, of all the blogs I read and love, you have the bestest' flow ever...just read it straight like that...a vodka martini.

U can just jump of a train and leave?

tc bro, and write more. :)

Keshi said...

aww Nachi I wish I cud join ya in ur adventures :)

**of all the blogs I read and love, you have the bestest' flow ever...

Ghosty?? and here I was thinking that my Love posts were the best *sobs heavily*



Ghost Particle said...

[keshi] sigh...:p I said i love em all...but i have to separate girl posts and guy posts :p coz like nachi and I are long lost brothers dying to have a beer escapade together. and you keshi, is my all you do is the best ever, i just leave u outside of the comparison.

i tink im a bad mediator, no wonder im single. I dont side anyone, all are equal. :) ok im babling. hugs to you day nach and I will drop by in Australia and give u da shock of ur life Kesh. :D

Nachi said...

Ghosty: hehehehehe!! awww thanks mate! that was mighty swell of you to say, you got it right, Vodka Martini is one of my favorite drinks as well!

...and yeah, i totally agree and back up the "one day nach and I will drop by in Australia and give u da shock of ur life Kesh. :D" idea!!

Keshi: i guess that we shall have to find some adventures of our own, eh! ;)

what say??