Saturday, April 12, 2008

summer tidings...and bike mishaps...

Screeeeccccccch!! wham slam bam!!

...a total! maybe not so.

that's what happens when the guy driving in front of you has a flat tyre and stops abruptly in the middle of the road. you have
"a mere 0.2 of a second to react and slam on the brakes. and even then it is not that easy a matter, especially if you are riding a bike. you need to make sure that you don't lose your balance when you hit the brakes and skid off the road. you need to ensure that you don't run over the head of the fellow standing right there in the middle of the road trying to crane his neck to an impossible degree so that he can look at his flat tyre. and add to that a father who is the nightmarish nemesis of all dear riders/drivers with his constant 'backseat driving' you need to be especially careful in maintaining your composure."
guess i managed most of it all right today. cause here i am sitting at my aunt's and blogging while dad and masa (uncle) chat up over the usual round of scotch in the other room. masi, didi and Noel are in the kitchen cooking...and cat is back at home in the apartment sleeping.

sleeping is pretty much what he has been doing of late. ever since he has made the flight trip from Mauritius, kitty hasn't been up to his usual 'wascally' self. don't blame him though. if you take dear ol' kitty from his comfortable crib back on the island and fly him all the way to India and in to the land of garish colors and constant crescendo of known and unknown sounds, and to a state like Gujarat that has been known to hit 50 degrees Celsius at the peak summer phase (which we are almost about to touch in a couple of weeks from now), you will end up with an non-existent appetite and an ever lasting need to sleep all day long.


have been holed up in dad's apartment these past few days. it's a far cry from being back in Baroda and in my own place. come to talk about it, i really don't think that i am going to be able to keep my apartment back in Baroda for longer. *sob*. my roommates are leaving and dad is planning to send my sister down to finish up her schooling in the same city. so it turns out way cheaper and much much more easier to simply move in with my dad. gone are the days of a student's meager existence. soon there will be a bigger and proper house with proper appliances and equipments [meaning an Air Con (although this is more of a necessity for the cat), high speed 24x7 Internet (yay! then i can blog all i want all the time), movie player (so much for my final year) et al that i currently do not possess] to satiate my materialistic self, probably a cook, most definitely a maid to clean, no driver though and most of all my boy kitty and sis!
but i shall miss my apartment..terribly!! all i wish for is that if i actually ever happen to move out, Ani, or some other friend of mine moves in to that place so that i can crash over and lie there on my lazy bum all day long.
but for now, i am seeking refuge within the barren four walls of my dad's apartment in Ahmedabad, helping dad to spruce up the place, taking care of kitty and helping dad look for a new place for us all back in Baroda so that i can get back to that city ASAP (sitting at home all day does get to you big time, and even the humdrum and monotonous existence of Baroda begins to seem like a brighter way to spend summer).


have been reading though. books are all that surround me. my entire collection of books painfully collected over the years. a reminder of the thousands that i have made my parents spend behind my reading habit. my own personal library. my precious.



also, my two-penny worth contribution to the cause of all Tibetians across the globe and especially for all my Tibetian pals back in Baroda (Tenzing Norgay, King, Ghyalpo, Tenzin Dawa, and Karma), freedom is everyone's birthright.



Ghost Particle said...

I had one just like that a few years back bro...
bikes are dangerous...nuff said.

and yeh move in bro...coz u need all the stuff u can get to survive...and also the internet. this is the 21st century btw...if u fergot :p

Thanks for the Flag my day I wanna go to Nepal and Tibet. and probably climb everest. hugs. did u read my Everest post?

Miladysa said...

Great to see the flag :-D

I have added your name to the list of Bloggers standing up to be counted!

Keshi said...

LOL @Ghosty's 21st century comment!

cmon Nachi ur dad's apartment cant be that bad? besides we all need some 'quality', internet-less, bonding, family time :):) I think this will do u good. It'll balance u out. U can go to ur bro's later on.

*HUGZ* enjoy it Naci!


rhythm fadia said...

m glad u managed the bike well....
give my love to noel n masa...hope to c u all soon

Nachi said...

Ghosty: nope, bikes ain't dangerous...they are hell lotta' fun!!

and yes, i do know that this is the 21st century!! thanks for the reminder though. guess i will move in with dad after all! *grin*

and nope, i haven't read the Everest post (or maybe i have just forgotten). anyways, will go check it out. and yes, Nepal and Tibet would indeed be swell. i'm definitely going there one of these days sometime soon.

miladysa: thanks!! for me supporting the cause of Tibetian independence and the Panchen lama's freedom is a bit personal as well. :)

Keshi: dad's apartment would be fabulous indeed, there's no denying that! and yes, spending quality family time is pretty much high on my list as well. that's precisely the reason why i was after my dad's life to move back to India.

but i shall miss my own little wonderful apartment!

Rhythm: di, what else could i have done?? i had no option but to handle the situation. couldn't even blame the poor chap i rammed into...a flat tyre can cause a lot of grief!

and yeah, when are you coming down to Baroda??

Keshi said...

I can u'stand that :)