Friday, January 23, 2009


...sometimes i like to walk. on such days, i simply take off! time, people, places matter not. nothing else matters. all that matters is that i am walking.

...the mind is an amazing thing. mind games are better. sometimes it takes forever and then there is the 4 move blitzkrieg. the joy of having won a hard fought battle is unparalleled. 32 pieces, 64 squares. your move! is a fickle human emotion. the fur ball does not adhere to it. he has his own quotient of love. life can be strenuous (just look at Chinky) can life in general!

...but its a fun journey nevertheless. so hit the road! :)



if only the clock on the wall but only kept time,

the hands for most were but mine.

mechanically ticking away the moments

not realizing that when the bell chimed

i would awaken.


Ghost Particle said...

awaken me
during all seasons
awaken me
during the ends of days
awaken me
during the glory seasons
awaken me
when we celebrate life
and love

Nachi said...

as the clock keeps ticking, ever onwards
unraveling time and space around us.
we are but 'time-keepers' of our fates.
awaken we shall, celebrate we shall.
both, life and love.


Cheers brah!

d gypsy! said...

u write less


when u do, u have smthing amazin to say

:) good shots

Nachi said...

d'Gypsy: thank you, thank you..."aaphi se sikha hai jaanab, lafzon ko iskadar baayan karna!!"

...two of a kind woman! two of a kind...


susanne said...

Your photos are amazing!
I always like how you take a normal everyday situation and capture it with your camera in such an eye - fascinating way that creates a feeling of "never seen a photo like that..."

I am often centered on aesthetic facets in my photos and wish being able shooting photos in a more sociocritical way.

And congratulations too to your 4th blogger birthday...


Chriz said...

liked the class picture

and the chess one..

brilliant play with colours and words..

cheers bro

Miladysa said...

Lovely :D

I dream such dreams whenever I walk!

WarmSunshine said...

a beautiful way to put life :)

the truly-Nachi way :)

loved the expression!!