Saturday, January 03, 2009

this year's cookbook...

"if you cook, i like you!"

...and not just figuratively and in a gastronomical sense, but quite literally. after all, who you are as a person shows through what you cook for a meal. our sense of cooking and palate of taste is unique to us each. you can't cook what i cook best the way i do, and i can't imitate my mother's recipe for her Rajma-Chaval (although i hold that it has lost its essence and flavor ever since mom decided to go the 'no-garlic-no-onion' way).

i like to experiment. i like to play around with flavors and spices as i indulge myself in the sensual gamult of smell and sight and taste and feel and intution when i cook, the same way i indulge in them in my daily life. one spice at a time, added at the right time when cooking. one step at a time, made in the right direction in life...

this coming year, life is going to be thrown in the chef's wok. the special ingredient, "the fiery and passionate chilly".


"Happy New Year, folks!"


d gypsy! said...


and coz i have just watched Ratatouille, thus I wud say "anyone can cook"


susanne said...

Hi Nachi, Happy New Year to you too...
...and may it be a comfortably fiery and passionate one for you in a really very good sense! :-)

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog - I've been so glad discovering it today! I didn't blog as often as in past this autumn and therefore comments became rare. All the more I've been surprised as I've been seen: "Oh, anyone has written me again!"

The Christmas Holidays I've spent together with my family and we had a wonderful time together.
Timo and Kate visited us for a week - they are so much in love, it's a continuous pleasure being together with them. I will send you a photo of them via email!
Daniel visited me for 2 weeks and with Hado-Papa we watched many great movies together. Daniel is successfully working in his studies - in December he directed with a team from his University a new movie and I guess it will be ready for watching in February.

So life goes on...


Miladysa said...

LOL - Sounds like a very interesting year ahead :D

Keshi said...

haha good one Nachi..cos I laiiike it SPICY! ;-)




Daks said...

hiiiii nachiiii :)
Happy New Year :D

i think it's high time i start learning cooking hehe :P

Nachi said...

d'Gypsy!: well a mouse may be able to cook...but not everyone can!

.love that movie though.


Susanne: i always carried on taking a peek at your blog, just that i didn't leave behind a word to say i did. your photos are addictive! i am compulsively in need of looking at them.

Miladysa: i sure hope so... ;)

Keshi: lol! like i said before, we are two of a kind! so are you coming to India or do i have to come to Australia to buy you a drink?


Daks: yeah, better learn how to cook! all the sea food in Mauritius goes begging to be cooked and devoured...

Ghost Particle said...

amigo...que pasa?

wats cooking man.

hope ur getting ur ass to work on the work that you're supposed to be working on since you decided to go that way in the working world. and part time that is.

tc brother, shall catch u soon, in da cam, in da night, at the rest, where u can c some msian chicks that i will never go say hi mwahahahahaah!