Saturday, June 07, 2008

Footie fever strikes...again...

...the Eurocup 2008 starts tonight! yay!

No England!!! yessssss...go Raul!!

will be rooting for the Spaniards this year. although i do have a soft corner for the Germans as well. Timo, Hubsi, Rasta Matze, Mitty and my fellow German crazies, shall keep my fingers crossed for Ballack's boys as well!



3 movies that i want to watch...

#1: Sarkar Raj

#2: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

#3: Batman: the Dark Knight

...ooooooooooooo!!!! the Clown Prince of crime!! the Joker!! my favorite villain of all, immortalised by the inimitable Heath Ledger...

...but movie mate is missing. she thinks that it is a good time to go absolve herself and wash away her sins in the holy waters at Haridwar. as if ditching me and making merry on the banks of the Ganges was going to be any less than any 'sin'.


also, cat likes Dog-food! weird!


1 comment:

Ghost Particle said...

cat likes dog food! bro...there is definitely sumthing wrong. get him checked.

id wait for batman...dun like this new indy so much.

hemmm why is aish acting wit her hubby...dont they ever heard of the movie taboo...thou shall not act wit yer actor hubby. hmm...

euro...:P im for spain also...hey i heard rauls not in.

bro..u missed still iz boring...what have u been doing?