Monday, June 16, 2008

of kitty games and birthday songs and inherited humor...

okies, so dad's back to the island and sister's taken off to A'bad for the week. that leaves me and the cat to run amok at home!! not a very happy prospect considering that i am a stickler for cleanliness and that cat is a destructive little wascal when he is possessed by the devil and tries to come up with new ways to outsmart me and defy all 'set' norms. but apart from those moments, he is my little angle. so i'm actually looking forward to the 'week-long-cat-mischief' that is in store for me...

so let the game begin!



oh yeah, and mom! nice one with the Dev Das suggestion...agreed i ain't got any girl. but then neither do i have the booze or the money to go sit around at Chandramukhi's. but a nice one i know where i get my slightly (ok ok completely) sadistic humor from!

love ya ma! oh by the way, sorry about Mother's Day. i completely forgot. but i made up for it by getting dad an extra large cake for Father's Day!

(sheeeesh, i sure hope that you get the heavy as in a 'million tonnes' of humor here ma! or am i gonna get a call i don't think i wanna answer anytime soon)....


and a very very very LOUD shoutout for my German brother Timo!

Happy Birthday man!



Keshi said...

hehe sweet post Nachi. U seem to keep ur mum n dad v happy. LOVELY. :)

Happy Bday to ur mate too!


Ghost Particle said...

Hye hye boy...ur a good guy u know. :)

Timo said...

Thank you very much bru! I hope life has been treating you well in the past? I've been very lucky this year so far... Sorry if I've not been blogging at all latetly, it's just that life in the fast lane keeps you so busy I hardly get any time to do anything at all!

I'll try to write a big catch-up post sometime soon though!