Tuesday, June 10, 2008

from perfect to perfect...

you know, i was in a perfectly great mood today! ...absolutely perfect, if i may.

one of those rare days when everything seems to be going so fine. one of those days when you get up to a nice cup of tea and the newspaper (for once devoid of any macabre headline on the front page), followed by a telephone call with your favorite person and a movie outing with dad (something we did like after ages)! zap forward to a lazy afternoon spent with cat and books to a nice cloudy and cool evening. you know, the types that make me think that i'd take a lovely little walk to the cybercafe and take a look at the happenings around blogger ville. put up a nice little 'something' and then walk back home, preferably in the drizzling rain. stop by to pick up some groceries on the way and then get home. drenched, but still happy as can be. take a shower. have dinner and then sit down in front of the TV for the Spain v/s Russia game tonight, and cheer for the Spaniards!

simple desires! and everything was possible. and then, i take a slight deviation. go check out one of these damn 'facebook/orkut/myspace' networks, come across the picture of the person i least wanted to see (hell, even acknowledge the existence of) plastered across my home page, and there! the perfect mood goes for a toss! ...a bloody hit out of the park, if i may!

sometimes, all it takes is the reminder that there are somethings that you cannot control, cannot change. cannot help. and those very things happen to make the very differences that lie between your 'i-am-as-happy-can-be' and 'i-feel-like-an-idiot-and-only-killing-somebody-is-going-to-make-me-feel-better' state of mind!

"we men are so susceptible to our emotions running haywire. and it really doesn't take much. just a tiny little reminder. anyways, at least we are rational enough to realize that such occurrences cannot dictate us forever."

so i guess that it shall be as planned. a walk in the rain and then the game! the perfect day must continue...

...so what have you been up to my friend?


Keshi said...

really? I didnt know men can be like that. But it sure is nice to know :)



Nachi said...

Keshi: you'll be surprised!



Keshi said...

so ur a man like that. Im glad...r ya single? ;-)