Sunday, June 04, 2006

my holiday song...

so the flu's gone and that means that once again i am perfectly fit to take a plunge into the ocean at 6 in the morning. though this time around i've actually learnt my lesson and am going to stick to the shore (at least until the water's not warm enough. which usually happens around 4 pm). the weather's been acting up recently and its getting quite windy. something about a low pressure belt in the region, at least that's what the weather girl on TV says.

so today makes it 5 days into my vacations. 4 and half of which i've spent combating the flu. in the last 5 days i've read both my new literary acquisitions and now once again i find myself at the stage where re-reading old books seems to be the only way out. i've already spent hours fiddling with my blog template and signing up to the various community websites such as Hi5, Orkut, MY space, et al (most of which i'm not even going to bother checking again in my life)...

the Mauritian pals have once again managed to disappear...but i'm pretty sure that i could rouse some of them from their 'sleep all day and spend time with family' routine to come out and party if only i was willing to make such an effort. but lately even that seems to be quite an exhausting task and by the time everyone's prepped up enough to do something, i'm tired and ready for bed.

i tried to submerge myself in the kitchen and do some chores around the house as well, but my allergies have been acting up thanks to the flu and that makes me one of those sneezy-wheezy-runny nose fellas. so in retrospect i can conclude with supreme confidence that as per tradition i am absolutely at my wits end not even a week into my holidays and don't know what i'm going to do with the rest of it. my mom has openly admitted to being thankful to God that she is not around right now, and that she prefers living 10,000 miles away in Atlanta to having to listen to my whiny "I'm bored. I don't know what to do. What should i do?" song all day long (usually she simply says, "Jump" alternated at times by "Dance" every time i start crooning my famous lines). even my dad has decided to take a trip out of the country and leave me to my plight for the coming 2 months. and then he's sending me packing from this island once he gets back. :'(

its hard having a bee in your bum (yes, bum not bonnet) and then having to sit all day with nothing to do.

and what makes all this even more daunting is the fact that, results pending, i'm done with my College degree. hence this vacation is turning out to be all the more excruciating as i have absolutely nothing to go back to. earlier it used to be back to school. then it was back to high school and then back to college. but this time around the most likely scenario is as follows:

flying to India...finding a job...studying for CAT/GMAT...MBA...better job...better money...etc

and the list just keeps on adding on and on. i've always lived according to a long term plan, and right now things do seem pretty 'in place' for me. but what is nagging me right now is the absolute absence of any short term plans to keep myself motivated enough to get out of bed. i've even tried remaining in bed all day long, but trust me it's a damn hard thing to do when you got no more books to read, no one to cuddle, you feel hungry and you need to shit.

i guess that my only means to salvation from my current predicament is in catching hold of brother Jake and making him sign me up for his research assistant program. i'm even willing to catch hold of random folks walking down the street and asking them all sorts of personal questions that relate to their faith in God, starting with, "Ahem, are you a Musilm? if yes, then please consider filling up this questionnaire. and if no, then have a nice day and no candies for you."

at least that would help me kill some time...annoy a lot of people...and gather a bit of experience conducting surveys for research purpose.

so what if that only keeps me busy for a week. i can always come complain to you folks about being bored and sing my song...

"I'm bored. I don't know what to do. Hu shu karu (what should i do)? i've read all my books. i read them twice. i saw that movie yesterday. and no i don't want to sleep. hu kantali gayo chu (i'm bored). i don't know what to do. there's nothing on TV. it's too hot to go outside & sometimes its raining too. So now what do i do? i cleaned my room in the morning, ave hu shu karu (now what do i do). I'm bored. what should i do?...

...and don't tell me to jump/dance....."



Anonymous said...

Hey, good luck when you take the GMAT. I'm planning on posting some info about how I've been studying for it on my blog soon-- if that of any use to you.


Gordon van den Heever said...


Stop being a pric/child. Get some action for your ass. Look at it this way. If you don't find anything to do, you will sit at home for the next 60 odd years. Then you will be able to moan and groan, but definately not in my ears.

So, Go out to F&F and lay on the beach. Watch some half naked bodies in the ocean and drink PHOENIX all day long and catch a sunburn. Not that it would really make a difference though :D..... Anyway, what we all will give to have this opportunity that you do and just don't do nothing....Man, you are such a SOB....

Enjoy brother and may all the party 'gods' be with you.


PS: Nachi have an admirer!

Nachi said...

you are my admirer Gordon!! :)

well, going out to the beach all by one's self is not my forte & we Indian's never were that fond of the sun. but what the fuck, i'll give it a shot. anyways, can't get sunburnt easily with my brown skin & half naked PYT's in the ocean is always good for your vitamin S. so that's an added bonus.

so a quicl prayer to the beach god "beach o' deva", party goddess "masti mata" & alcohol deity "CEO, Phoenix Breweries ltd".

here i go...

Oh_Ca-na-da said...

Maybe you should try jumping or dancing...? I think Mom`s advice is always the best! :)
Later kitty.