Friday, June 16, 2006

en route...

lately i have been quite satisfied simply reading what others have blogged and then quipping in with my comments here and there to make my presence in the Blog world a technically true term. but i do miss my blogging so much, and here i am at it again.

the past few days have been sort of *can't find an appropriate term* for me. it all began last Sunday with the internet doing a kaput act around noon. a frantic call to the networking agency shed light on the defaulting server that was causing me so much anguish. anyways, the lady on the phone promised me that they would have my internet functioning my Monday morning. so then it was time to chill butt with seemingly no viable task available at hand. a quick walk to the video club also proved to be futile. killed time in the kitchen till finally the clock struck 5 & the football games began.

fast forward to Monday...

wake up at 9 and check my PC. ahh, so the lady on the phone was right. they did repair my problem and i once again had internet. hurray!! 2 hours later. internet gone. more frantic calls. but this time no one bothered to respond. all one could hear was the phone ringing and then silence...
wtf...i swore at the fucking silence
...once again my only means of salvation was taken away from me. once again i walked down to the video club. this time though it was open and i ended up renting 3 movies and watching them until 5 pm; & then it was football time.

my internet was finally restored to fully functional level Tuesday afternoon. the rest of the day commenced in the so very predictable mindless browsing of the internet and chatting with Bisht. Amresh came over later that evening and brought over more movies. watched them all and made plans for the next day.

next day's plans are a potential post material in it's entirety and hence that page stays empty for the moment. just know that do not watch the movie "Pher Hera Pheri". i almost killed myself in the second half of that movie.

am getting tired now...have been playing Half Life: Counterstrike for 6 hours straight today. and now i am ready to crash into bed. so forgive me for cutting corners.

later then...

ps: Jaanu, have been missing you a lot all these days. :(

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Susanne said...

I hate these internet problems too and they make me crazy too sometimes!
Being dependent from internet in my communication with friends all over the world let me feel helpless if the connection is gone and that happens over and over.
Fortunately Timo is still here! He always is able restoring our internet connection and then everything is in order again :-)