Monday, June 26, 2006

Slob of a Blog...


the summary of this post is that my lazy bum is not moving in any direction is almost a month into the holidays and all i have to show for all my pains in the past few days are as follows:
  1. i have built my self my own little domain (that is besides the big one that is the apartment) where i spend most of my time each day. it's soooo computer up front and i'm just a spin of the chair away from the TV/DVD player & the football games & my F.R.I.E.N.D.S dvd's. :)
  2. i have substituted a lot of hours completely every now and then to my gaming. Half Life is almost done and so is Sarge...i'm hanging on, trying not to finish the last few levels simply to keep something as a backup in case i fall short of things to do in the near future. just got myself Hitman that should keep me in my chair for a bit longer.
  3. have consumed incredible amount of coke. i tell ya, these MNCs are mooching off me....bastards!!
  4. yesterday i took a day off to get out of my domain and see the world around. took that as an opportunity to put my camera to some use. also, got myself a new beer time story...
  5. my sister has finally labelled me as the worst brother ever after i bullied her into making me Apollo instant noodles past midnight while i watched my football game. actually i stood by her all along to make sure that she made em' right!! (you know...boil the water first & then add the noodles after breaking em' & finally add the masala after the noodles are properly done)...ahh yes, i did miss a bit of my game in having to doing so.
  6. i have realised that although i love cooking, lately i really do despise doing the dishes and cleaning up afterwards. that too has been relegated to my sister's list of daily chores despite the fact that she has her MOCK exams in a weeks time (although i had to do most things all over again anyways to satiate my "it must be done like this" ego).
  7. made my way to the store to buy necessities today morning. i so sorely miss the incredible home service from the 'store around the galli-nukkad' that is just a phone call away back in India!!
  8. had to get up early today since Boxer was to come over to hand me some more DVDs and Game CDs. the simple drop off turned into an hour long discussion on the best hit in Hitman Series and eventually, watching Underworld Evolution for the 4th time. also, learnt how to puff smoke rings. now i need to practice more, and hence i need to go buy me that Hookah that i've been eyeing for so long.
  9. consumed an entire bottle of cheap wine!! topped that up with a pepperoni pizza & more coke (courtesy Pizza Hut home delivery) just so that i have enough energy type out this post.
well, i guess that i am in desperate need of what Boxer put it as "Get a Life!!" thingy...its just that i so very enjoy my slob days, which by the way never last that long, before i materialise into one of those overly dominating freaks who are obsessed with exercising, cleaning, working and doing stuff. after all, i am genetically inclined to be like that...

but right now, it's lazy boy time and that's what i am going to lazy!! cause that's in my genes too!! :)


Oh_Ca-na-da said...

Hey Nachi,
Be nice to that sister of yours!

Gordon van den Heever said...


You are doing the right thing. The way I was brought up WOMEN are supposed to be in the kitchen keeping her husband happy and be pregnant. OK, the last statment you should overlook for now.

By the way Nachi, why do woman have small feet? TO BE CLOSER TO THE STOVE OF COARSE!

Ciao buddy and have so much fun just being lazy. Some of us did indeed earned the good life by just doing that.

PS: Guess what was the word verification on this one "lm-pig-pp"